Five ‘linked to’ but no ’caused by’ adds up to a cynical stunt

645 words and 5 times we can read ‘deaths linked to hospital infections’ but not one claim of infections shown to have caused any death.

Twenty three senior clinicians have written a letter calling the criticism of Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board “unfounded” but still BBC Scotland repeat the unfounded accusations based on one tragically misled parent and one partner probably groomed by opposition politicians in a deeply cynical attempt to unseat a health secretary.

Glasgow health board 'not fit for purpose' after claim it tried to 'cover  up' death of 10-year-old - Daily Record
Cynical stunt?
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4 thoughts on “Five ‘linked to’ but no ’caused by’ adds up to a cynical stunt

  1. As David Hume pointed out centuries ago: “a correlation is not a cause”. If it is statistically significant, it indicates that there might be something worth investigating and that such an investigation might find causality. But, on the other hand it might well say, “It was worth trying, but the answer lies elsewhere.”

    With regard to the grief-stricken families of Millie Main and Mr Slorance, such things give something to try to explain the hurt of these untimely deaths.

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  2. One of the principles of ethical journalism is:-
    “Do no harm”.

    BBC Scotland has NO principles.
    It relies on smears/rumours and “Dreyfus” reportage.

    It was reported some years ago, that, because of the weakness of Scottish opposition parties, the MEDIA should take on this role.
    THAT is NOT the role of journalists, even the putrid, yellow page scribblers that infest the “Scottish” press, radio and TV.

    The BBC in Scotland now has a default “get the nats” bias.

    That cannot exist in a referendum situation, but it would require the entire BBC to shut down over the Purda period.

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  3. I am pleased that the clinicians are finally responding to the media onslaught their hospital is receiving, but wonder if the timing of it is due to today’s Scottish Labour Party Debate: Protecting Patient Safety at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

    The BBC’s choice of wording for the headline gives the impression it is Nicola Sturgeon making the ‘unfounded’ criticism. Sneaky.

    The BBC article repeat, (and not for the last time unfortunately) opinion masquerading as fact.

    It is a great letter by the clinicians, but it is bookended by criticism, deliberated (IMHO) by the BBC, because they end article with the news mold has been found growing on the walls!

    Yes, BBC Scotland news is that ridiculous now.

    My advice to the clinicians is to complain directly to the BBC everytime they publish one of these reports trashing their hospital and to keep the public informed of its progress and the outcome.

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