Not the most ‘worrying’ Covid variant

Daily Express

True to form, stupid and exploitative, the Express describes the new Omicron (formerly a wrist watch for Buddhists) as ‘the most worrying’ when it’s not.

The Telegraph has CMO England, Chris Whitty, saying the opposite:


BBC UK has this:

The Omicron Covid variant is “not a disaster” and some people may be “hugely overstating the situation”, a scientist advising the government says.

Omicron has been labelled “of concern” by the World Health Organization, and is causing alarm among some scientists.

But microbiologist Prof Calum Semple says vaccines are “still likely to protect you from severe disease”.

Still no one is wondering whether the Livingston Valneva vaccine would be better as I wondered yesterday. Maybe I should email Whitty and Semple?

10 thoughts on “Not the most ‘worrying’ Covid variant

  1. This and the tragedy of asylum seekers is the Tory and media ruse to divert attention from the incompetence and corruption of the Johnson Government. One of the Tory election advisers called this tactic ‘throwing a dead cat on the table’.

    So many cats have been slain that the RSPCA should be taking action, but being “ROYAL’, it will not.

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    1. And, sadly, Professor Whitty was the victim of an unprovoked assault simply for expressing his considered opinions as Chief Medical Officer for England, opinions which were contrary to those of the liar and incompetent Johnson. Because of that Prof Whitty was excoriated by the mob which comprises the mainstream media.

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  2. Any Geneticist,virologist,micro biologist
    Or Health expert will tell you this variation has the potential to be the most
    Severe threat since Whuan
    Most of them will be losing sleep over this,we already know it is far more virulent than the Delta variant which is highly infectious and spread like wildfire across the globe and became totally the dominant strain
    We will not know for 2 to 3 weeks as to how much it reduces the efficacy of the vaccines that target its spike
    Thats the bit that makes you lose sleep
    And keeps science awake
    However as i said in a post yesterday regards ABC ( BBC ) reports and in particular their health corresponds report of yesterday @ 1300 hrs.
    Where he stated ” That all current vaccines work on the Spike ” which is a blatant lie and hides Valneva ( Livingston ) vacicine which is based on the whole virus
    Given the fact that Westminster has pushed themselves well into a corner with regards Valneva due to Javid,s comments that MHRA would never approve it and the order for 100 million doses were cancelled for commercial reasons
    I followed the BBC reports and their Health correspondents all day and here what emerged
    1800 hrs news- no mention of vaccines
    2000 hrs news – He had spoke to vaccine
    Manufacturers and was informed they can produce a new vaccine in 100 days
    All this smacks of government central control and writing of the song sheet for all UK media to sing from
    The main purpose of which is to keep buried the potential huge mistake they made with Valneva
    I monitor BBC very carefully and without doubt there is a distinct modus operandi
    As to how they firstly set the agenda all in order to control the narrative that then becomes used by all media to become the truth and so called facts
    The BBC health corresponded of 2000 hrs last night clearly demonstrates such
    As his reference to a new vaccine in 100 days was deployed to
    1.Allay public fear
    2.Keep the nefarious handling of Valneva
    Well out of sight
    Little do the public know that although
    A new spike vaccine can be produced within a 100 days, but he then fails singularly to explain that considerably more time is required for approval,commencement of mass production and distribute in large quantities
    Then a complete new mass vaccination program
    So if you in 40 to 60 age group in fact it could be more like a year until you receive your 1st jag and by such time this
    Omicron variant could be rampaging through populations with huge health consequences
    The Government know all this, quite simply good forward planning always takes worst case scenarios into very serious consideration
    And that is exactly why BBC are now spewing out falsehoods, ommissisions
    And twisting of facts re. This new Virus variant
    They are lifting the carpert for the Valneva dirt to be swept under and out of sight
    They are off to a very good start indeed in protecting this abject lying,corrupt and useless government
    By establishing the agenda before the real problems emerge
    After all they have had plenty practice at all this since the emergence of Covid 19
    And the band all playing in tune and harmony to their masters in government
    Well and truly now

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  3. Can Boris blame the French if it crosses the “English” channel?
    Can he pin the blame on the EU/Macron?

    Whoever he tries to blame, it will be repeated—-
    with repetition,
    without deviation,
    without attribution,
    without hesitation,
    without investigation, context or perspective–

    by Scotland’s colonial mejah!
    With a little help from the Hi Jack Bunker!

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    1. gavinochiltree
      Bojo and ABC (BBC ) have no alternative now due to the gross vile political driven action of rubbing Valneva off the map
      They burnt there bridges in a very foolish mistake indeed
      In military matters if you wish to conduct a orderly retreat in order to regroup,euip and reman, in order to launched a counter offensive you NEVER ever burn the bridge you have just crossed.
      Such a basic error more often than not proves fatal as your enemy in pursuit of your disarray will quickly act to encircle you and finish it
      All that is required here is for the Government to announce that they are reviewing the Valvena cancellation
      But they too cowardly and brazenly corrupt to eat humble pie
      And it is Bojo who is the biggest wimp of a coward in the bunch
      He would rather see the bodies piled high upon the streets than enact a simple act of contrition
      However cleverly and to form today BBC changed subtlety a few minor notes upon the score of the hymn sheet
      They stated ” Not all vaccines work solely upon the spike ”
      Note the ommission of the word Available
      This is par for the course when they awaken to their original error
      All so that upon serious complaint that they can refer to the statement of today
      And as Kenny Everett would say
      ” All Done in the Best Possible Taste ”
      But tis all of us who must swallow the most bitter of pills

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      1. Alas, premieroneuk, all the “Boris Bridges” are fantasmagorical, and live only in his imagination and in the Pacific Quay canteen, where his words have inspired a “cargo cult” among the gullible BEEBle-tribes-people of BBC Hootsmon.
        None of them can be burned, as none have ever been built.
        The Garden Bridge.
        The Bridge to France. (France was never consulted).
        The Bridge to Ireland (Scotland was never consulted).
        Next up–a Bridge to the moon. His words we can guess–

        As Alice in Wonderland never said–“Boris is too feckin’ daft, even for us”

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