Herald tries to have you ‘scared’ about the new variant and ignores Livingston again

Writing 11 hours ago, before the Omicron variant’s presence in the UK was spotted and, at that hour presumably using yesterday’s information, the Herald’s health correspondent joins with the Express in an attempt to scare the excrement out of you:

Quoted around the same time in the Telegraph, Prof Whitty, the UK Government’s CMO, said the new variant is less worrying than Delta.

Writing 6 hours ago:

Microbiologist Prof Calum Semple says vaccines are “still likely to protect you from severe disease”. The Omicron coronavirus variant is “not a disaster” and some people may be “hugely overstating the situation”, a scientist advising the government says.


As for that dramatically different spike protein (think willie) a health correspondent seems remarkably ill-informed on this:

Rather than induce an immune response that targets just the spike protein of the coronavirus, the Valneva vaccine, also known as VLA2001, stimulates an immune response to the entire virus, and that might just give it an edge over its competitors.


4 thoughts on “Herald tries to have you ‘scared’ about the new variant and ignores Livingston again

  1. Quote from Lord Frost.

    “I’m very happy that free Britain, or at least merry England, is probably now the freest country in the world as regards COVID restrictions.

    “No mask rules, no vaccine passports and long may it remain so.”

    Oh dear Boris now says masks must be worn in ENGLAND where now Frostie maybe more restrictions to come

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