Pensioner poverty in Scotland second-lowest in UK

As another campaigning group ask the Scottish Government to top up a UK Government-determined benefit, the Winter Fuel Allowance of £100, by £50, BBC Scotland fail to give us any context.

That’d be because, still worrying, it’s a better picture here than in England and Wales.

These are, crudely, small numbers, but the 4% difference with Labour-led Wales is more than 5 000 pensioners.

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2 thoughts on “Pensioner poverty in Scotland second-lowest in UK

  1. Sad figures nevertheless. Worse if you look at all poverty. Poverty levels this high are caused by the political policy of government. The overall U.K. level is just under 20% whereas Denmark it is 0.5%

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    1. This is the key point – OVERALL poverty. There is a greater proportion of children in poverty than the proportion of pensioners. ‘Austerity’ – the transfer of wealth from the bulk of the population to the small proportion who are already very wealthy – is a wilful imposition of poverty on the population.

      Many pensioners, such as my wife and I, are comfortably off. We are entitled to the £100 winter fuel payment because we contributed NI and tax for more than 40 years. This payment is not a ‘gift’ or ‘bonus’, it is what we are due and it is factored into the calculations of the DWP and is simply a shift of a small part of the overall sum from one group to another. Like many in our position we have donated our fuel payment every year to charities supporting people in poverty.

      The extremely nasty, Mr Iain Duncan Smith when Social Security Minister, was aware that many pensioners were doing this and said that people such as us should be sending our money back to the government! I imagine this was to redistribute it to the Tory party donors with offshore accounts, by awarding them without bidding contracts for things like PPE or renting ferries from companies that did not own ferries.

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