Alex Cole-Hamilton unfamiliar with expert opinion

Alex Cole-Hamilton apologises for sending constituents false Covid news |  The National

By stewartb

‘Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton says the Scottish government has to stop blaming the coronavirus pandemic on its failure to run the NHS’

For perspective, from the Nuffield Trust health think tank on England (11 November 2021): ‘Health and care system stretched beyond its limits as winter approaches’

‘Responding to the NHS monthly performance stats from NHS England and NHS Improvement, Nuffield Trust Deputy Director of Research Sarah Scobie said:

“We are only at the beginning of a long and difficult winter and it is already clear the health and care system is stretched beyond its limits.

“NHS and care staff are working furiously hard, but addressing the substantial weight of unmet and serious care needs rebounding from the pandemic means longer waits for patients and the ability to meet long-existing standards of care is slipping further out of reach.

“A&E and ambulance services are visibly struggling as record levels of patients come forward with more serious needs, in some cases having put off seeking care because of Covid. One in 10 people are now waiting nearly two hours for an ambulance for life-threatening conditions including strokes and heart attacks.

“There has also been a further fall in the speed at which patients start cancer treatment after a referral from GP, despite national guidance to reduce these waits back to pre-pandemic levels. Over 30% of patients referred are waiting over two months with delays having a serious risk on health outcomes. It is worrying that more people are dealing with managing these serious conditions at home as they wait for care.’


3 thoughts on “Alex Cole-Hamilton unfamiliar with expert opinion

  1. Cauld-Ham—-Alexa, how can I achieve greatness”?

    “But Cauld-Ham, you are already a GREAT BIG HORSES @RSE”!

    Lib Dumbs play no part in ruling,
    Though they like coalition pooling
    So they partner British nationalists,
    Is why their supporters are so “pissed”.
    Federalists, NO! They need some schooling.
    Scottish voters are NOT for fooling!

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  2. Yesterday Labour & Tories were telling us that SNP (they mean ScotGov) stricter covid measures over Christmas aren’t required to protect the Scottish NHS.
    Now they’re telling us that SNP (they mean ScotGov) are putting the Scottish NHS at risk through inaction .
    What way do they want it.
    They’re not getting it both ways.

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  3. Each and every time you come across these nuggets of expert commentary you must email them to Dross, Gulhane, Sarwar, Baillie and the fud ACH so that when we hear them on their SGbad rants we know they are doing so in the face of, in dismissal of Facts.


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