From Sarwar’s in-laws or Alex Cole-Hamilton’s activists?

infection….forced to go private.

Starting at 6:26am, repeated 5 or 6 times on BBC 1 TV, no doubt as many times on Good Morning Scotland radio, 3 times on Reporting Scotland from 1.30 to 10.30pm but, intriguingly not on the website, BBC Scotland’s third of only three stories is a complaint from ‘a number of women’ about having to go private to get treatment.

In the third of three negative reports completely dominating the coverage, much is left unanswered.

This is based on ‘a number of women who spoke to BBC Scotland.’ The number is of course not revealed. It’s a claim that needs facts and figures but we get none

I can find no other report on this issue so, once more, this looks like another BBC Scotland story based on friends or relatives of reporters or friends or relatives of opposition politicians.

3 thoughts on “From Sarwar’s in-laws or Alex Cole-Hamilton’s activists?

  1. A number of Scottish viewers have now refused to pay the BBC Tax due to an infection of unionist propaganda .
    They have been forced to seek their news from alternative private sources due to this continuing and , apparently , untreatable infection .

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    1. I think untreatable infestation would be more accurate when referring to the BBC in Scotland!

      There is a treatment though – independence followed by an intensive course of retribution.

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  2. Of course it is simply not just the distorted headlines and storylines its all in the delivery and looking at the caption above RS presenters must spend hours perfecting that look of sheer anquish as if they have just discovered before coming on air that their parents are serial killers. That said it must be difficult to contain their big smiles until off camera for another SNP bad story well delivered and if there isn’t already I’m sure there must be a few serious contenders at PQ for a BAFTA in that category.

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