Making non-analysis out of mere rumour

Reporting Scotland health correspondent uses misleading graph to obscure  lower death rate in Scotland – Talking-up Scotland 2021

Comically, under the heading ‘Analysis’, BBC Scotland’s Health Correspondent offers only tabloid rumour-mongering based on unreliable sources. I’ve added some of those fact things.

The NHS is under severe pressure at less than 50% admission levels as in the February peak and with 50% more beds than England and some one or two doctors with an agenda warn that already patients are suffering or dying unnecessarily based on no statistics whatsoever.

A&E is seeing record waits but is still far better than that elsewhere in the UK. Thousands of people can’t get the operations they need and will become sicker as delays go on yet they are at the highest level since the pandemic began and only a tiny 1.4% were cancelled due to lack of resources in April 2021. Shortages in social care caused by Brexit mean people can’t get out of hospital to get the care they need at home.

Every health board is not working at capacity. I (Summers) don’t have hard evidence of that.

Covid has a significant role to play in that. There are still more than 900 people in hospital with Covid, less than half the February peak and far fewer with serious conditions, and that means staff looking after them instead of others.

High, moderate, community transmission, flatlined at a fraction of that elsewhere in the UK, means NHS workers get sick too, so fewer nurses and doctors with even more patients and ever longer waits but absence rates have falling for weeks not to far below the peak.

Summers’s reporting does not correspond with reality but is merely basing it on the opinions of a few with an agenda. She should report data corresponding to those actually published.

Summers was at it in October too and stewartb sorted it out:

Reporting Scotland health correspondent uses misleading graph to obscure  lower death rate in Scotland – Talking-up Scotland 2021

3 thoughts on “Making non-analysis out of mere rumour

  1. Its never a Summers day in Scotland according to BBC Hootsmon.

    They have it endlessly p!shing down, with the wind ALWAYS in their torn faces, which would, indeed, bring a tear to a “gless e’e”.
    Manipulating and managing the news.
    Massage the facts, then go home and kick the cat.

    But its what you get when you take the Boris Shilling!

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