Labour Civil War as leftist ‘tells’ SNP to ignore Starwar

In the Herald today with an irritatingly bossy choice of language by Pam Duncan-Glancy or Bol, we read:

SNP ministers have been told to “urgently” roll out a minimum income guarantee after new statistics revealed soaring numbers of households repeatedly applying for crisis grants.

In August, the Scottish Government launched a public consultation on its plans to set up a minimum income guarantee.

Is this a Labour policy?

By July 2020, Keir Starmer had refused to back the idea:

And in his current ‘10 Pledges‘, it’s still not there:

Has Duncan-Glancy checked this demand with the Anas Sarwar, the other half of the new Labour Starwar Alliance?

Neither Starmer nor Sarwar will back this leftist policy.

I would!

8 thoughts on “Labour Civil War as leftist ‘tells’ SNP to ignore Starwar

  1. “Starwar |Alliance” – I like that John. Has to be a Star Wars freference though, there could never be a Labour Star Trek alliance. Unlike the Borg, they could never find common cause and direction.

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  2. Ms Duncan-Glancy has attended our community council, and, not only were people impressed by her courage and determination not to let her disability prevent her from playing as full a roll in society as she could. She also impressed by the content of what she said and by the uninhibitedly redistribution it’s, humane and human rights approach. She got on well with Patrick Harvie, MSP, who was also present, and, on another occasion, the good relationship between her and Kaukab Stewart, MSP., was evident. Politicians from different parties often get along on a personal level, and sometimes, find that they have much common ground at a policy level. The implacable oppositionism of Labour since 2007, has been a blight on Holyrood and led to the continuing demise of Scottish Labour. Sadly, Ms Duncan-Glancy still has a sullen, sulky crew around her, dwindling in number, but, seemingly incapable of change.

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  3. O/T
    BBC Radio Scotland (after 9.30am)

    Discussing How Scotland stands to gain from it’s renewables

    A rep. Of Strathclyde University’s Energy Systems Research Unit
    ” so for various reasons if Scotland doesn’t stand to gain from exporting renewable energy we could export Expertise in renewables. (Including Carbon Capture).
    Only we won’t have expertise in Carbon Capture as it’s going ahead in England years before starting in Scotland.
    There is an interconnector running down the West coast that exists souly to EXPORT renewable energy from Scotland to England. A second is planned to run down the East coast.
    Yet a representative of Strathclyde’s ESRU doesn’t see Scotland exporting renewable energy.

    The ESRU rep. May have been the Unit’s chair person.

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    1. Clydebuilt
      We are already exporting our expertise
      And literally giving it all away for others to develop for almost zero
      Recently China constructed and installed
      The World,s largest tidal generator
      But had to bring in Scottish expertise
      As it was 100% Designed and supervised
      By a Scottish company
      No doubt as Westminster deliberately holds back the massive potential of tidal
      Renewable capabilities we have and streaks ahead globally
      That all will be lost and handed over to others
      Westminster all too aware that having stolen vast reserves of oil & gas
      And we know their tricks and lies
      That it very much in their interests to make sure that our potential is never realised as we would without doubt go
      Straight for Indy as soon as it became obvious the tidal riches were to be harvested
      Just for a moment think if we were already Indy
      Then a very lucrative deal could have been struck with China
      Despite all the propaganda of Western MSM
      I assure you China in matters of joint cooperation always strive to achieve a fair and equitable deal for both parties
      They never do so in a exploitative manner but always in a symbiotic way
      I am sure that if such was possible with China
      Then we would be witnessing massive
      Investment in infrastructure, construction of manufacturing bases
      And large scale experimental stations
      All around The Pentland Firth ,Orkney,Western Isles and N.W coast
      Instead what we have is that
      China will reverse engineer their new Tidal generator,vastly improve at full speed ahead only to set about completely
      Dominating the future Global market in tidal technology

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    2. More than 10 years ago I heard a presentation by a professor of engineering at Strathclyde in which he said that Scotland and the territorial waters contained more than 25% of the continent of Europe’s (i.e. not just the EU) renewable energy potential.

      At that time, there was a Labour Government, one of whose first acts c1997 was to transfer a slice of Scottish Territorial waters in the North Sea to England, and thus transferring some gas fields, too. In the 1970s when North Sea oil and gas was discovered, it was a Labour Government which suppressed the report indicating the extent of the discovery and the transformative effect it could have on the Scottish economy.

      It is entirely likely that the Blair government with the perfidious Bodger as Chancellor and the ultra-Unionist Brian Wilson as Energy Minister would actively prevent Scotland from benefitting from renewables.

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    1. Rats! And boasts about it!
      Why does she not buy poison, or hire an exterminator?
      £65,000 a year plus expenses, and she has RATS!

      In my street, we get rats once in a while in our back gardens. Put up traps, fill bait boxes and voila–problem solved.

      Don’t ask the council what it can do for you—DO IT YERSEL!

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  4. They really have a cheek. The elephant in the room. Independence would sort it out and they do not support it. If Scotland managed it’s own resources and revenues. Pension and wages could increase. Scotland would be better off and more prosperous. Scotland raises £66Billion but could raises more without Westminster colossal wasteful interference.

    Scotland loses £3Billion in tax evasion. Westminster tax Laws not enforced by the UK Treasury. Scotland pays £1Billion too much for the Military. Scotland cannot borrow £5Billion to invest in growth. It would pay for itself. Scotland has to pay for £4Billion in debt repayments on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. This adds up to the so called deficit. Scotland has to pay for Hinkley Point, HS2 and Trident a total waste of public monies. Instead of improving the railways in Scotland. Journey times take nearly twice as long as in the South. Journeys could compete with flights,

    Increasing the pension provision would cut administration costs. The administration costs nearly as much as the pension pay out. Pensioners need other benefits. They are the poorest in society on average. Students are poorer for a shorter period.

    Scotland could manage finances far better than Westminster wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Scotland has to pay the cost of Westminster administration. High salary jobs in the Mall. Headquarters in London with higher salaries. The congestion harms the economy. Scotland has been depopulated by Westminster. Scottish funds and revenues have been taken illegally and secretly to fund London S/E. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. The North/South divide.

    Thatcher took all the Oil revenues and left Scotland in poverty. The economy of Scotland has only improved with Devolution 2000. The population has only gone up since 2000. Unemployment has gone down. Independence will be even better. Scotland could raise £80Billion like Norway. Without Westminster total waste and bad mismanagement. Westminster unionist mismanagement of the pandemic, austerity and Brexit. Independent Scotland would be more prosperous, fair and equal. Curtail Westminster power and improve the world economy.

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