Scotland drops out of TOP TWENTY!

Scotland’s weekly increase in new Covid cases has fallen to 22nd in the world, with Wales, England and Northern Ireland still charting strongly.

On deaths, Scotland is 34th, below Wales and Northern Ireland, and falling toward that of England’s unreliable data.

On vaccinations, we’re 18th, ahead of Wales on 21, well ahead of England on 27 and Northern Ireland on 33rd.

Scotland’s media are not covering this but are worrying about a Covid surge, they wish, after COP26.

6 thoughts on “Scotland drops out of TOP TWENTY!

  1. Scotland drops out of top twenty ?
    Don’t worry, John , the UK Government is working hard at ”levelling up” .
    Astonishingly in The Commons yesterday the whole front bench were wearing masks except Alister Jack !
    Obviously he is setting the example for his Colonial charges in Scotlandshire .

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