What, twice as good as England on teen jags? No, we’ve worse things to tell you about!

Sky News today have been reporting the remarkable success with 50% of Scotland’s 12-15 year-olds jagged compared to only 20% in England. The Scottish Government’s strategy of setting up drop-in centres has proved, as predicted by experts, more successful than the in-school only jabbing preferred by the Conservative Government for England.

Reporting Scotland Badly have not been all over the story but have been out getting folk to complain about a rail strike, dirty streets and low pay. Yeh, the BBC has always cared about low pay.

4 thoughts on “What, twice as good as England on teen jags? No, we’ve worse things to tell you about!

  1. Is it because Sky News do real news, whereas BBC Scotland as more akin to Grimm’s fairy tales?

    Aye they really are now a joke organisation, but it is of their own making.

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  2. And what about boosters and flu jags? My wife and I, plus a fair tranche of our neighbours had ours at the Central Mosque in Glasgow. Everyone, except one man who had exemption, wore masks. Quite a few people to be jagged had mobility issues, but the staff on duty dealt efficiently and compassionately with them.

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  3. “Thankfully many people in Scotland know exactly what their tactics are and what their agenda is.”

    But (she says speaking with the zeal of a convert 🙂 ) “many” isn’t enough. It’s got to be at least “most”, preferably “everybody”.

    Pity there isn’t a news channel “UK News from Outside the UK”, dealing with all 4 Nations and showing us what’s really happening…


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