Is spiking by injection just another moral panic like 18th Century ‘lady bottom cutters?’

Between the spring of 1788 and summer of 1790 fifty seven complaints were made to London Magistrates by women alleging that they had been molested and stabbed [on the buttocks] by an individual stranger in public.

Reports of ‘lady bottom cutters’ then spread like wildfire across the newly emerging mass media in the form of daily newspapers.

While it cannot be shown that there were no actual incidents of bottom cutting, initially, the media-amplified spread has been described as one of the earliest example of a moral panic where mass media take reports of deviance, construct them into a definitive form and exaggerate its geographic spread and frequency until ‘moral guardians’ in the courts, the police, the church, education and, of course, among politicians, call for action as if it were a real crisis in behaviour.

So ‘real’ had the crisis become, bizarre response emerged:

The protection of female backsides was also proving a highly lucrative sideline for both blacksmith and satirist, with reports of the wealthy ordering bespoke copper cuirasses to wear beneath their skirts, the poorer orders having to make do with additional layers of the customary cork.

Same source

Reports of people being spiked by needles in nightclubs seem to have first emerged in Nottingham where police are investigating 12 cases. Reports have now spread across the country including 4 cases in Glasgow,

A predictable moral guardian has already emerged with the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, ordering police to clamp down on ‘syringe spiking” and urgently assess the scale of the problem.

Only, as far as I can see, the Herald, has reported skeptical expert opinion:

Experts have said that a sudden spate of women being spiked by injection is “far-fetched” and “deeply improbable” due to the difficulties involved with using a syringe on someone against their will.

I spoke to a local health board scientist and they felt that it would be a very difficult act to carry out.

So, is this a classic moral panic like that around trans men in women’s toilets?

Given the unfortunately easy and effective method of spiking drinks, it’s hard to see why these modern monsters would adopt another method so difficult to implement.


6 thoughts on “Is spiking by injection just another moral panic like 18th Century ‘lady bottom cutters?’

  1. What would be the purpose of this apparent syringe activity? I have read about it but not found anyone stating it’s purpose. I can think of a few but all seem to me improbable. What is the syringe user trying to do apart from carrying out a dangerous activity? spread aids, drug the recipients who knows. Sick bastards anyway.

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  2. Who knows but it’s a good distraction, and why only women? A friend’s son had his drink spiked at Hogmanay years ago, had to be hospitalised. Awful.
    I suppose a person could maybe be spiked if they were comatose.

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  3. Although there are reports of women being ‘spiked’, there do not appear to any reports on the affect the spiking had on the recipient.
    If they were spiked, and there was no effect, what was being attempted or achieved?
    You are also going to be aware immediately if someone sticks a needle in you and not be surprised you discover a needle mark a few hours later.
    The idea that it is spreading around the country does not appear very logical for a number of reasons.

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  4. Tis what may be referred to as Throwing
    The Dog ( us the Plebs ) a false bone to divert our attention from far far far more matters of the utmost seriousness
    Criminologist will always tell you that most forms of criminal acts ebb and flow
    And such very firmly linked to the current social and economic conditions
    So much so that as the conditions change
    You can predict accurately what will happen stastically next
    Take a wee look at how the Nordic nations act and respond to crime
    They systematically and scientifically analyse the data and trends
    Then implement policies in response which in turn well and truly adequately
    Controls both the crime and its impact upon society
    Meanwhile Westminster always screams
    Wolf knowing full well how The Sheepish
    MSM will react as their shepherd whistles commands to their Collie Dugs

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  5. Let’s say that some perverts in Nottingham nightclubs were getting kicks out of leaving young ladies in noisy and busy nightclubs sufficiently worried at having been stung on the arse to report it to security.
    Story cuts to the Police then straight to the Pritti Awful Patel’s interpretation of hypodermics as the only sharp object in existence ?

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