Living a lie and the collateral damage to all of us

The above claims are astonishing in the nerve or disassociation with reality required to lie on such a scale. Goebbels would be proud. RD Laing would be worried. The sick will not attend and some will die.

On A&E, NHS Scotland is 26% better than NHS Wales and at least 17.5% faster than NHS England (they fiddle the data):

On hospital discharges, the average number of beds occupied per day is the same as it was in 2019 and Scotland has 50% more beds than NHS England:

On staffing, Scotland has 50% more nurses and many more doctors than NHS England:

On ‘thousands’ of operations being cancelled, 496 out of 20 490 (2.1%) were cancelled in August 2021 due to capacity problems, slightly fewer than in late 2019:

On staff absence, it has been falling for 2 weeks and is now 30% down on last week, 50% down on January 2021 and 200% down on April 2020:

On the summer surge in cases, admissions have been falling for a week now and are less than half that in February 2021:

Scotland Coronavirus Tracker

On unprecedented demand, again it is now less than half that in February 2021 and only two-thirds of that in April 2020, and falling at the moment.

On Lisa Summer’s reporting? Cognitive dissonance, the gap between what you know is true and what you feel you must say in your public role, if too great, can lead to schizophrenia (Laing). This cannot be good for her:

4 thoughts on “Living a lie and the collateral damage to all of us

  1. Not everyone’s experience. Some people are getting seen and treatment earlier. Doctors are still attending people who have covid every day. Especially those who live alone.

    People from the NE needing cataracts done can be seen earlier in Glasgow. Stay etc covered.

    Some people are putting off operations from choice because of covid. . Getting called several times. Or some people are being advised to wait because of underlying conditions. Waiting will not kill them. Getting covid would.

    BBC reports are totally out of touch. It is not most people’s experience. No wonder no one believes them. Grateful for the SNHS and for the vaccination programme.

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  2. There will be folks falling through the cracks at any time, Scotland’s NHS will be juggling multiple factors the public and even the patient are unaware of, but this is no longer exaggeration, it’s blatant lying.
    If you can find the information Lisa Summers cannot, it can only be because she has been instructed to obscure the problems in England whilst simultaneously attacking SG and thereby SNP, a political rather than journalistic endeavour.

    There have been multiple instances of this “diversion” tactic since the “scottish care-homes” fiasco, now it’s A&E times, tomorrow it will be something else.

    Bluntly, propaganda, but clumsy with it.

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  3. Lisa Summers must have a very lonely time at week-ends .

    Who in their right mind would want to spend a night in the pub with such a depressing , glass-half-empty , miserable git !
    God help her husband if he comes home with an opened pay packet !


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