No really, even with Boris as PM?

The Herald on Sunday

Presumably this was even after Boris made his speech to the UN coming out as a full climate change activist, committed to saving the planet.

Do those ungrateful Jocks not believe him? What a verminous crowd we are!

Next, the Jocks will be saying they’d do better on this business themselves than they do under the broad shoulders of the UK. What possible evidence do they have?


UK Electricity Transfers - Weegie Fifer

Alan Brown MP has slammed the UK government’s ignorance to decades of Westminster mismanagement on energy grid charges, which sees Scotland subject to the highest grid charges in Europe.

In a Westminster debate today (Thursday), the SNP MP called for an overhaul of the grid charging structure – which currently puts Scotland at a competitive disadvantage to counterparts in England – urging the UK government to fix the imbalance and encourage renewable energy generation north of the border.

Tory ministers refused to acknowledge the concerns raised, rather attempting to pass responsibility onto regulator Ofgem and failing to acknowledge the gross inequality.

Despite having 25% of Europe’s offshore wind capacity, grid charges make Scottish windfarms 20% more expensive than farms in the south of England.

Speaking after the Commons debate, Alan Brown MP said:

“For decades, Scotland has been shafted by Westminster mismanagement, but their ignorance to the disparity on electricity grid charges is staggering.

“While companies in the south of England are paid to connect to the grid, those in Scotland have to pay for this service – making the energy a staggering 20% more expensive.

“The UK government should be utterly ashamed of their inaction. Boris Johnson’s government risks facilitating a renewable jobs crisis and their failure to act jeopardises crucial progress in meeting Scotland’s ambitious climate change targets.

“This shocking disparity is yet another example that Westminster doesn’t care about Scotland. Only with independence can Scotland harness our full potential, lead the world in cutting carbon emissions and delivering a fairer, greener and more equal nation.”


For a 1GW offshore windfarm, the difference between those in the south of England and Scotland equates to a difference of £1bn over 20 years.

Is Greta aware of this?


From NFI woodland ecological condition in Great Britain: Classification Results in February 2020, we can see one more indicator of Scotland’s healthy economy which, together with others below, mean so much more than the macro-economic theory base don GDP of Prof Ronald McDonald.

So 8% of the population, 46% of the trees


In 2019, 84% of all new UK woodland was planted in Scotland.

The Herald on Sunday

10 thoughts on “No really, even with Boris as PM?

  1. A deliberate policy by Whitehall to keep Scotland dependent on English largesse.
    Their generosity is incredible.
    One of the levers used by England to coerce Scotland into their union was by making it difficult for Scots to do business in that country.
    They will do the same when we part company with them,so we better be prepared.

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  2. Who would you believe?
    Kermit the Frog? ….or…..Boris the Demagogue?

    He told the UN to plant more trees, but his Tory regime have NEVER met their own tree-planting promises.
    Wants a coal mine in Cumbria.
    Wants to extent oil extraction far into the future (while telling Scotland “its worthless”).
    Travels all over by plane.
    With dozens of flunkies.
    Has more sprogs than the planet can afford.

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  3. Johnston rating -30. Any lead deteriorating. Just like the economy under the Tories. A total mess and shambles beyond belief. Johnston rating -3 with Tory Party members , who elected him.

    The Tory Party members on average make and over seventy. Johnston is killing them off. Life expectancy in the south going down. The first time in forty years. An election on the horizon.

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  4. Grid charges make it higher prices for the south too. More consumers in the south pay more, They pay the price for it and transport costs. Making energy costs higher, that goes on the grid, puts up the cost for all (UK) consumers.

    Scottish consumers pay 10% more for fuel and energy. Despite bring in surplus and nearer the source. Westminster refused to let energy and fuel companies charges as to locality and nearer or adjacent to the source. Scottish consumers are paying 10% more. They should be paying 10% less tariff for parity. Another unfair Westminster ‘tax’ on the Scottish economy. Affects all sectors. Public, private, commercial, business and home.

    Companies, public premises could turn the thermostat down. Often shops, public and private premises can be overheated. Schools, hospitals, offices, shops etc. Many with no openable windows.

    Insulation is important. There are Gov grants and allowances available. Some public, private building have solar panels installed. Saving money and energy. Putting back on the grid. Ground pumps can be a good investment. Underground sources for heat and energy. Put on a vest or T shirt. Under clothes.

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    1. Oh I dunno Gordon, would wearing a ‘vest or T-shirt’ not work better, OVER clothes?
      The point is that Scotland is CHARGED way more to connect to the ‘national grid’ which is controled by the EngGov, than anywhere else in the so called UK.

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  5. Hinkley Point the most expensive plant ever built. £Billions wasted. Over cost and over time. Public contracts not scrutinised by the civil service and Westminster Gov. The Tory slush fund, Cameron et al. The British/Chinese consortium. A Chinese/Australian/Saudi consortium owns 40% of the Grid.

    A wave energy project in Swansea cancelled. £1Billion. Two lagoon projects in Wales not undertaken. They would have befitted the Welsh economy. Wales economy no longer gets EU regional grants, Two tidal projects cancelled as too expensive. One on the Humber. £2Billion. Cheaper and cleaner. Renewable.

    CCS projects in Longannet and Peterhead were reneged upon by the Tories. Withdrew funding costing £Millions. Scotland is covered in coal. CCS could majebit possible. CCS projects are being undertaken by EU countries. The Oil and gas technology would have made it possible in the North Sea. Scotland could lead, develop and export the technology.

    There have been hydro water tidal plants in Pitlochry and Dinan, France. Rance, since the 1960’s. They can be visited and are tourist attractions.


  6. If you add the CO2 created to UK imports, which currently are not in the data
    Along with the fact that UK has the largest trade deficit on the planet
    But it should be noted that Scotland is the only part of the UK to have a trade surplus
    Then the carbon foot print of England goes into the stratosphere
    GreraThungberg puts it beautifully re.Boris
    Blah Blah Blah

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