Reporting Scotland taking sides with club owners and the Tories against a judge, the government, and us

A shambles, a bourach and a farce or BBC bias at it’s most venal?

Right from the off, it’s clear that Reporting Scotland staff are going to turn a judicial judgement in favour of the Scottish Government and against club owners into something to subvert another pandemic measure designed to save lives.

We hear little of the Judge, Lord Burns, his name not mentioned, and his conclusion ignored:

[It is] an attempt to address the legitimate issues identified in a balanced way.,douglas-ross-critcises-vaccine-passport-plans-as-judge-refuses-to-delay-scheme

Surely that was the starting point if you want to tell viewers what has happened?

But no, the report begins with the notion that the FM must defend the vaccine passports. She did that after the judge and after Douglas Ross had ignored him, attacking the plan again for the 3rd day in a row.

Then we hear of a ‘last minute legal challenge to the halt the scheme is rejected.’ Why not mention the judge? Hoping listeners will that ‘Sturgeon’ is to blame again?

The full report begins:

The First Minister (good) has defended the introduction of vaccine passports after they were described in Holyrood as a complete farce.

Why not tell us what the judge said before we hear of the rant from a Tory politician with no expertise in these matters, legally or medically? Surely the judge is the news and Ross is a reaction to it?

The substance of the BBC report then becomes the attack on the FM in Holyrood and not, as viewers deserved, the judgement and the evidence presented, but the Tory rant against it.

Much then is made of ‘the concerns in Parliament raised for three days in a row’ and prominence is given to the alleged ‘shambles, bourach and farce’ accusations, unchallenged, until the FM gets a word in at the end.

The presenter finishes with the suggestion that the Scottish Government has ‘had to change its guidelines’ when they have merely given a period of grace before enforcing them. She stumbles on ‘grace’, not able to remember it – telling?

This is, as most of you know, unique to Scotland. Public service broadcasters across the globe side with their national strategies to save lives and leave trades magazines to support the self interest of businesses.


12 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland taking sides with club owners and the Tories against a judge, the government, and us

  1. BBC Scotland are clearly at a loss in what to report that will damage the Scottish Government.

    The Lord Burns judgement that has supported the Scottish Government’s position has clearly wrankled them. In the BBC’s eyes, it is merely a setback and really no credence should be given to it. Much better, to report what Douglas said then 🙂

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    1. vaccine passports is a crime against the scotish people.An UNLICENCED,EXPERIMENTALdrug being mandated is dangerous and highly irresponsible,WHAT’S IN IT THAT THEY ARE FORCING PEOPLE TOO TAKE IT.


  2. Candidly, I missed that the Welsh Government, after a bit of indecision, finally decided to introduce ‘Vaccine Passports’.

    Following my online search, it does seem to have generated some protests from nightclub/bar owners in Wales – and no legal challenges that I could find. The objections have been covered – in ‘mild’ tones – by some online media sources but despite best efforts, I found nothing on the BBC News website’s Wales section making anything at all of business objections. Perhaps I’ve missed something!! Has BBC Scotland mentioned the Welsh Government’s decision – for perspective – when it’s been amplifying to the nth degree of the views of objectors in Scotland?

    I did find this factual note on the BBC News website (dated 17 September) linked to a video clip of Mark Drakeford announcing the Passport initiative:

    Headline: ‘Covid Passes to be compulsory at ‘high risk’ venues in Wales’ – note the (helpful for Drakeford) framing here with inclusion of ‘high risk’!

    ‘Covid Passes are to be compulsory for people attending “high risk” venues in Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford has said.

    ‘Those attending nightclubs, indoor no-seating events with more than 500 people and outdoor no-seating events with more than 4,000 people will be required to show proof of being double jabbed. It also applies to any event with more than 10,000 people.
    The rules comes into force from 11 October.’


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    1. And, that date is the date for Northern Ireland, too, and the end of the period of grace granted by the SG. It is BBC Scotland being an arm of the Scotland Office, and, with Cole Hamilton as LibDem leader and following Starmer’s speech yesterday, the Better Together alliance has reformed – if it ever went away, since the attack lines being used by Labour are almost identical to the Tories’.

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  3. It is interesting that Tavish Scott’s partner is allowed to present political matters, when previously Elizabeth Quigley, John Swinney’s wife, was barred from dealing with political matters.

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  4. One Tory nightclub owner in the NE was called the ‘grim reaper’ on twitter and the internet. A caricature set up. A barrage of complaints about the behaviour of the greedy Tory donating nightclub owners. People were not amused at their behaviour breaking rules and speaking the virus. Aided by the illegal Labour/Tory Alliance. People died because of it. A further month shutdown.

    The Councillors were getting donations to reopen too quickly against the rules and regulation. Without the proper restrictions in place and being observed. People were not best pleased. Even the unionist P&J had complaints about the devious behaviour.

    Less people have died because of the vaccination programme but opening nightclub and football without restriction meant cases soared. Youngsters went clubbing night after night. Spreading covid. They all got it and were quite ill. Football increased cases. There should have been more restrictions in place.

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  5. The Unionist council licensing board were giving out licences to Tory Party donors without ensuring proper restrictions and guidelines were put in place. Special extended licences. Not following the Scottish Gov guideline and rules. The virus spread and a further months lockdown had to be put in place.

    The bars were shut down completely for another month. It did the Tory nightclub owners no favours. Their reckless behaviour meant businesses were shut down for longer. More people died. It was before the vaccine was developed. Typical selfish, greedy Tory behaviour.

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  6. Kirsten Campbell and Tavish Scott were living in a house in Morningside. The mortgage payments were being paid for by the taxpayers. Perks of the job? He later took up a post with SRU.

    Scott also has a property and farm on Bressay. Occupying the whole island. It was reported he wanted to be a Lord like his father. Sir John Scott.

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