Read the small print – ‘a bunch’ of ‘non-emergency’ drivers ‘arrive in’ Scotland

Is that all? Non-emergency? 114 Land Rover drivers taking folk in for a hospital check-up, like the 2 600 existing local civilian volunteers who know the area, and adding nothing to the 5 000 who can do emergencies? That’ll make a big difference?

Why doesn’t Reporting Scotland do a special on the local volunteers and try to encourage more to come forward and help?

We asked 102 people (25 times a typical BBC Scotland survey) if they’d seen an Army ambulance. Only 2%, 2, had.

As for ‘arrive in’, you see how that is phrased to make it seem that we benefit from the Union?

We’re told:

This group of individuals from 68 Squadron from 7 Regiment Royal Logistics Corp have been doing this task in the east of England and north-east of England already,” he said. So there’s a good degree of experience of this pandemic in amongst this bunch now who are going to support the Scottish Ambulance Service.”

So, we have no Army drivers in Scotland? If so, why not?

‘This bunch’ are no longer needed in England?

They were already in the North-East of England in August:

All mopped up? Will they know how to get around quickly in a strange new country?

Is this all just a gimmick?

5 thoughts on “Read the small print – ‘a bunch’ of ‘non-emergency’ drivers ‘arrive in’ Scotland

  1. I heard the officer in charge being interviewed and when he said they had already been driving ambulances in England my first thought was: ‘You have not read the memo the one that said don’t mention that NHS England has already asked for help from the army.’

    The reporter would never have mentioned that fact. We must be kept in the dark about what is happening elsewhere especially if it has been happening elsewhere for some time as has been the case with the Army driving ambulances.

    Well done that man for letting the cat out of the bag.

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  2. I wonder how many of these ”army ambulances ” will be ‘supported’ by a BBC film crew .
    Prepare for a whole series of BBC Shortbread ‘news stories’ showing how the BRITISH ARMY are saving lives in poor wee Scotland .

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  3. Next they will be wanting to recruiting lorry drivers. Putting people in trucks. There is already a shortage of lorry drivers and healthcare staff because of Brexit. Now a reported shortage of petrol.

    The Tories have been deporting key workers or they are leaving. Austerity and Brexit has led to the problems. The Scottish Gov has to mitigate the cuts with Scottish resources and revenues going south.

    Tories total illegal incompetence. The Tory total mess. They were warned but would nit listen. Lie after lie, after lie.

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