Scottish Government testing rules ‘could save thousands of lives’

As always BBC Scotland start off from the viewpoint of businesses, promote the English approach and only in the last of 19 paragraphs, can we read:

Scotland’s national clinical director Prof Jason Leitch has warned that removing the PCR testing requirement for new arrivals would make it harder to detect new Covid variants, as genomic testing is not possible with lateral flow tests.

As always, we never hear of what the Scottish Government has achieved as in this:

The death rate in England & Wales has been far higher than in Scotland. Had they followed the Scottish Government’s approach, around 30 000 lives in England and around 1 000 in Wales could have been saved.

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3 thoughts on “Scottish Government testing rules ‘could save thousands of lives’

  1. I appreciate this and you are correct but on an island only a four nation approach to issues like this will work. It is inevitable that any new variants will find their way in through England, Wales, NI and from there to Scotland, which makes the Scottish government’s separate approach no more than a futile gesture.


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