Scotland produces nearly 4 TIMES as much gas as it needs


All of the MSM including the ‘Scottish’ press are full of warnings of soaring power bills.

None mention that with 8% of the population, Scotland produces 28% of the UK’s gas consumption. The rest comes mainly from Norway and Russia.

Click to access 2020_Energy_Consumption_in_the_UK__ECUK_.pdf

And on electricity, none mention that Scotland produces 97% of its electricity from renewables, compared to only 35% in the UK or that 25% of the UK consumption is transferred from Scotland.“BEIS Energy Trends – Renewables”. UK Government. 26 March 2020. Retrieved 15 April 2020.

6 thoughts on “Scotland produces nearly 4 TIMES as much gas as it needs

  1. A small country with a small population , producing an abundance of gas and exporting its excess electricity is , naturally , going to have an energy crisis – when it has a large Tapeworm for a neighbour with a large population producing f*ck all energy of their own and making all YOUR decisions for you – bur not for YOUR benefit !

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  2. When this all moves predictably to the British getting violent it would be interesting to understand how easy it would be so disrupt transmission via sabotage/civil disobedience. Maybe with a bit of strategic seabed trawling for oil pipes thrown in for good measure.

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  3. 62 % of gas from UKCS comes from Scottish waters. Just over a quarter of gas from St Fergus is required for Scotland’s needs. Roughly a quarter is sent is sent to N Ireland and the rest to England.
    Next to no gas is supplied by Russia to the UK. In previous years was thought to equal 1% but as they are not restocking depleted storage in Ukraine and Germany expect nothing this year

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  4. Nope—according to the BEEB and other organs of the British State++++Starwars, DRossie and Cauld-Ham, Scotland is a desert, a pauper country, dependent for food, electricity, gas and money from the vastly Rich Engerlund.

    Uniquely in Britain, Europe and the world, pair were Scotia is totally unable to fend for itself, or its people.

    This has been brought to you by—
    Agitprop for Dummies.
    Downing Street Towers,
    Greater London,
    P.S.—bridge/tunnel for sale–never used (shop window model).

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  5. You forgot to balance “Scotland produces 28% of the UK’s gas consumption” with DRoss and Juan-Kerr, Sarwar and Baillie, Nat-King-Cole-Scuttle and McArthur Park’s contribution to glabal warning…

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