Where’s Javid or, eh, Morgan or, eh, Pengelly?

Any issue, no matter how single, from a suicide to a hospital build delay to advice on thinking about calling out an ambulance, and Scotland’s SNP health secretaries are subjected to an hysterical, politicised, media pile-on with calls for their heads.

Today, the Herald suggests that Yousaf is absent in some way. I’d say he’s more the victim of stalking these days.

How do I know it’s hysterical and politicised in Scotland? Easy. It doesn’t happen in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, for even the most dramatic of failures in health care.

Remember Matt Hancock, England’s Health Secretary?

Remember these times when massive failure was not connected by media or opposition to him or his head or even his ass?

That’s just three. If you’d like more of the same non-calls for his head, search for: https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/?s=Hancock

Try googling ‘Javid resign’ and you’ll only find him choosing to resign as chancellor. As for Jeremy Hunt, he was only once asked to resign, when he was Culture Secretary.

The Northern Irish health secretary, Richard Pengelly, or the Welsh Health secretary, Eluned Morgan? You’ll be lucky to find any mention of them on anything at all far less calls for them to resign.

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5 thoughts on “Where’s Javid or, eh, Morgan or, eh, Pengelly?

  1. If Humza Yousaf were to behave like Sajid Javid, he’d be doing the media rounds every weekend, or putting up a stooge to do the job, and telling us that the Scottish NHS is under immense strain due to Covid – and the interviewers would hardly blink.

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  2. It is indeed odd that those associated with Health have become singled out for propaganda bombardment by what I refer to as the Media/Opposition mafia. Why Health is of such special significance to the propagandists is perplexing, but their track record is easy enough to follow.

    Yousaf is the third Health Secretary in a row to suffer an attempted stitch-up, the “think twice” response was still being painted as “public outrage” by the BBC whilst the MSM disassembly of the stitch up was in circulation, they didn’t care a damn that their game was exposed, whilst Joe Public was not quoted as saying “Whit f’n outrage ?”

    As you’ve proven time and again, the personalisation complete with photo is peculiar to Scottish affairs in the media, but it has surprised me how few actually realise it until it’s pointed out.
    The flip side of this is the relative anonymity of those who fire off the propaganda, eg – Dr Sandesh Gulhane’s mugshot doesn’t appear anywhere on the propaganda he kicked off, Baillie on the “Health crisis”, etc..

    This is not not a journalism or editorial choice but on advice from specialists in the propaganda field, doubtless seconded to the BBC by the Scottish Office where their numbers have undoubtedly swollen.

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  3. Yousaf has hurt his foot. Give him a break. The BBC should know Campbell video it and put it on Twitter. Broke the data protection Act.

    Doctors are visiting covid patients everyday to see they are coping. Especially if they live alone and have reported it. By phone or e-mail. Doctors surgery websites have contact facilities. The Doctors phone back. There are repeat prescription lines.


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