Well, 2 out of 5 134 say so

That headline claim from our public service broadcaster, an institution with a royal charter to inform us and a set of published editorial guidelines, on accuracy and the reliability of sources, must be true, mustn’t it?

No, it’s made up as a scare story to make you think that SNP Government is incompetent and to, of course, make you ‘think twice‘ about attending.

How many GPs did they ask? Two. Out of more than 5 000.

Who are they?

After hearing ‘Surgeries are said to be under pressure as never before‘, we see one just walk fast along his corridor hear but only hear from his BMA rep that they are struggling to cope with demand.

Has the BMA done a survey? Nope. The union rep is psychic. He just knows.

Then we hear from that Tory MSP, still a busy wee GP and media pundit, whose wife is also a media pundit tell us he had lots of calls one day so that proves demand has doubled. BBC Scotland accept this infantile research evidence with no comment.

Did BBC Scotland tell us how many GPs we have? No

Did they tell us we have lots more than the other parts of the UK?

What like this?

Scotland has more GPs than rest of the UK, study finds - BBC News


Is this the news? Nope.

Is it propaganda. Yep.

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8 thoughts on “Well, 2 out of 5 134 say so

  1. This reporting makes me so angry. If this was the USSR the editors of Pravda (means BBC as they told as many lies) would all be given a State dacha in Crimea for services rendered to the party ( Conservative). Liars all. How could you even be the announcer knowing what you are doing?

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  2. All joking aside
    Here is a scare story for the ABC (BBC )
    Holyrood under Scottish law
    Are preparing a bill concerning broadcasting
    What is in this Bill
    Broadcasting of constructed lies and misinformation in order to cause malicious damage to any individual or party
    Then such shall be punishable by hanging
    I assure all that this subject matter has been properly researched by the finest legal minds and passed to Independent experts for verification
    This has been brought to you by The Scary Story Dept of The Monty Python News Desk

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  3. I remember my own GP telling me that his normal workload of winter colds, flu and general chest infections had evaporated due to the lockdown. Maybe things are getting back to normal now, but this sounds to me like a straight lie.

    Even if the GPS are busy, they are all very well paid. Why aren’t they working overtime, doing all nighters and working weekends to catch up, instead of wasting valuable time bleating to the media? It’s called being a professional.

    The BBC in general is completely outclassed by just YouTube alone. It does the educate, inform and entertain stuff so much better. Never thought I could watch university lectures for entertainment.

    The quality of the stuff on Netflix and Prime is also superior. I thought “The Queens Gambit” was a true masterpiece. Produced by a Scotsman. He would never have got anywhere near getting stuff like that on the BBC.

    The Brit Box Corporation do have the odd good programme. However, I can’t watch them without the suspicion that I may be getting manipulated. I think they have overplayed their hand. The trust has gone.

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    1. “Why aren’t they working overtime, doing all nighters and working weekends to catch up, “

      Apparently, if they did that it’d mean more tax on their pensions. And I read in an article in, IIRC, The National, according to someone-or-another, they’d be “paying to work”.


  4. Aye John, as of this morning this bunkum is in second spot on the Scotland webpage, yet still in prime spot on Politics with the 3 military assistance on ambulance confections still lingering like a bad smell.

    It elegantly underlines Alasdair Macdonald’s previous observation on Martin Geisler’s undoubtedly rehearsed introduction of “Dr Gulhane is speaking as a GP and not as a politician” as being a blatant lie, now writ large across Politics, on BBC Mis-Reporting Scotland, etc., etc…

    Your conclusion, “Is this the news? Nope. Is it propaganda. Yep.” is incontrovertible.

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  5. How can a practising Doctor be an MSP. How can a Doctor support the Tories. They cut NHS funding from 2015 to 2020, (ConDems). More people have died prematurely because of austerity and Brexit, The Scottish Gov has to mitigate the cuts.

    The cost of living going up. The standard of living going down. Life expectancy going down in the South.

    NHS funding increased for £139Billion to £149Billion. Nearly a quarter of all taxes raised in the UK. NI increased to pay for it. It will affect the poorer. Instead of through a progressive tax system. More equal and fair. Defence funding increased £5Billion. £55Billion. Foreign Aid cut. More people will die because of it,

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