Scotland’s ambulance response saving more lives

Why is only Scottish Ambulance service in ‘crisis?’

BBC Wales and Northern Ireland report no crisis either.

Yet, according to BBC Scotland in August:

The Scottish Ambulance Service instituted a colour-coded response system in 2016.

These deemed purple cases to be the most severe – where there is a 10% or more chance of cardiac arrest.

In 2020-21, 10,687 purple cases were seen in under 10 minutes, compared with 8,304 in 2018-19.

The situation in NHS England is worrying for this group of patients. From BBC Health:

And for category 2 emergency calls – which cover heart attacks, seizures and road traffic accidents – the average wait was more than 38 minutes, despite a target of 18 minutes.

6 thoughts on “Scotland’s ambulance response saving more lives

  1. On Reporting Scotland last night (Friday), Lindsey Bewes, in her report from Holyrood actually mentioned on two occasions that the issue with the ambulance services was not unique to Scotland, and that military personnel have been deployed in England for some time.

    In fact, at the end, in response to a question from sally Magnusson, she emphasised, ‘this is not unique to Scotland.’ I guess she’ll be getting her jotters and P45!

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  2. In my humble view, BBC Scotland has just morphed into a campaigning arm of the Unionist parties in trying to thwart at every turn the ambitions and success of Scotland and its people. It uses deceit, manipulation and has been said in an earlier piece, just “stories” as a basis of its “news”. “I heard it from a man in a car park”, is not journalism.

    I have little doubt that there are some decent folk at BBC Scotland who must shudder at what is going on, but the fear of the next round of redundancies keeps them in check.

    All we can do, as this site and others do, is to highlight to others the absurdity of what passes as a National Broadcaster in Scotland, and are expected to pay for it.

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  3. Prof John, this issue is now being linked to closure of NHS Louisa Jordan. STV has an article headed “closing NHS Louisa Jordan may be ‘one of the worst decisions’”, quoting Dr John Montgomery, who has featured in previous articles by you. His wider comments are similar to those of Dr Sandesh Gulhane, who I think (but my recall could be faulty) also referred to “gatekeepers” in his GMS interview this week.

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