Damned if you do…

Thanks to reader, exile, for drawing my attention to this.

Well at least it’s not Monica Lennon telling us this after she had the dumb nerve to tell us the Louisa Jordan had been a waste of public money:

It’s one Glasgow GP pretending to have known all along that it was a mistake to close it on July 19th even though it had never been required for Covid patients despite hospital admissions being then less than 200 and though the current level, just over 1 000, is only half what the system coped with, not apparently needing the LJ, in February 2021.

Also we hear this idea as infection levels fall and as admission levels too look like following that trend.

Best of all the GP finishes with:

“We don’t have the number of GPs that we need to have to serve the population,” said the Glasgow GP.



Scotland has more GPs than rest of the UK, study finds - BBC News


The GP? A media regular:

The Express too, of course:

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4 thoughts on “Damned if you do…

  1. It will be wee Dougie Alexander’s turn again soon to claim that it was the nationalists, spitefully, calling it Louisa Jordan instead of Florence Nightingale, who wasted all that money on a facility that was ‘never used’ – apart from administering several hundred thousand vaccines and being used as an outpatient clinic when such facilities in hospitals were set aside for Covid patients – and now the eejits have closed it to hold a COP26 conference, which should never have been given to the filthiest city in the world.

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  2. Aye hindsight is great thing but closing it with no alternative perhaps was a misstep but without a crystal ball chances need to be taken so we get on and sort things out no point in greetin over spilled milk.

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