BBC Scotland bad news trawling quickly catches a fish that likes the attention?

At 08:19am yesterday, BBC Scotland cast their nets for a bad news story on ambulance times. 12 hours later they had landed a big one and posted/broadcast the above story of a woman who did experience a long wait, whose family will have been distraught but who did not die.

One of those relatives went to the media with the story. He’s not a first-timer. In 2018:

Under the Edinburgh News headline ‘Anglers rescue pair from drowning in Linlithgow Loch‘ and this image:

we read:

A quick-thinking taxi driver who missed the first half of the England vs Sweden match after pulling a drowning mum-of-three out of Linlithgow Loch has denied that he’s a hero and admitted the rescue saved him £50.

Robert Ewing had plans to place a hefty bet on the showdown quarter-final on Saturday but missed his chance after carrying out the dramatic rescue with friend and fellow fisherman Ian Dobbie.

After spending a morning angling on the loch, Robert, from Carrick Knowe, noticed a couple with three children wading in the loch near where he docked his rowing boat at around 2pm. He shouted a warning that they shouldn’t be swimming because of poisonous algae and dangerous weeds in the shallows.

Attention seeking? Political affiliations?

6 thoughts on “BBC Scotland bad news trawling quickly catches a fish that likes the attention?

  1. You can be sure the churnalists at Pacific Quay would have been sifting through Fiona Stalker’s harvesting as well as making it known through the grapevine they wanted such stories, but it is a little unfair to blame this lad for the evils of the BBC, “official minder of the incontinent pigeon”.

    The problem is not the story itself but that the BBC seeks them out, then showcases them up as public concern piece…
    Relatives worrying about a wait is completely understandable, but they will have been well aware higher priority patients is how the system works. If they really thought “Mum was going to die” she would have been in the back of the taxi and wheeched off to A&E reception faster than she could get her teeth in..

    It’s the organ grinders who are at fault……

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  2. On the subject of fish
    Will someone please meet up with the head of ABC (BBC) Scotland
    But please carry with you a recently caught 2lb wet trout
    And slab the said person across the jaw with it
    Turn your back when mission accomplished
    And have a notice pinned upon your back
    Gone Fishing


  3. BBC smelly fish.

    Families waiting 40 hours for an ambulance. Neglecting their sick relatives. They are culpable. They cannot organise a lift to the nearest Dr or A&E. Call GDocs or emergency services. Fire or the Police. They have medical training and emergency vehicles to transport people in an emergency. During the lockdown there was less crime or criminals going about. Cybercrime increased.


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