NHS Northern Ireland 40 times slower than NHS Scotland but no accusations

Astonishingly from NHS Northern Ireland:

Four hundred emergency patients waited more than 12 hours to be admitted to hospital in the last day in Northern Ireland, a senior doctor has said.

Dr Paul Kerr, from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine for Northern Ireland, said some of them have been waiting up to two days.


In Scotland, in August, only 286 patients spent more than 12 hours in an A&E department, in a whole month, less than 10 in any one day, on average.


No politician in Northern Ireland is accused of anything. No politician is even mentioned and certainly not photographed.

A Department of Health spokesperson says:

The public can help by using services appropriately. To be clear, if your case is an emergency, then you should go to a hospital emergency department without delay.

What is he implying?

Imagine if this happened in Scotland?

5 thoughts on “NHS Northern Ireland 40 times slower than NHS Scotland but no accusations

  1. N Ireland is often ignored by the UK – ‘Olympic TeamGB’ or ‘Global Britain ‘ – the N.Irish are not even an after thought .
    Could it be that N.Ireland has NOTHING that the UK needs or relies on ?

    Contrast that with energy and resource rich Scotland – can’t afford to lose those ‘verminous Scots’ or they would selfishly use all of their own resources FOR THEMSELVES !

    So , no opportunity must be missed to do them down , dishearten them , abuse them , attack their self-confidence , utilise the CRINGE !

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    1. “…utilise the CRINGE !”

      Slightly O/T, I think.

      I’ve been in Scotland for well over 30 years now, and can honestly say I’ve never seen any reasons why ‘native’ Scots should cringe about anything. (Well except, possibly, the White Heather Club… 😀 )

      I did used to cringe about being English in Scotland, because of the behaviour of some of my ex-country(wo)men. But now that I’m not English any more, I don’t see why I should cringe about my ‘new’ nationality at all.

      Why do Scots do it? (This question is a serious, if somewhat naive, example of residual ‘below the not-Border’ ignorance)

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      1. Good question and in reply the best I can do is to refer you to the articles by Professor Alf Baird recently published by Iain Lawson in his blog, Yours for Scotland, under the title The Determinants of Independence.
        Alf analyses the position of Scotland as a colonised country as our resources are exploited to the benfit of another country, our job market skewed by the fact that managerial, professional and cultual jobs are advertised in London often denying access to them by Scots, and the continuing and insidious denigration of our culture, traditions and languages which have been replaced by the English equivalents.
        The effect of these circumstances is that many Scots believe the propaganda they are fed by the MSM over many years and come to consider that they are indeed inferior which makes many try to ape their superiors leading to a confused idea of who they are.
        I would recommend anyone who has not looked at the 10 papers by Professor Baird or has not read his book Hauden-Doun, on which they are based to do so. They are a real eye opener.
        Apologies for the lengthy answer.

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        1. Thanks for the reply.

          I’ll mosey over and have a look. From what you’ve said above, it sounds not unlike the attitude the “cultured” South has to us oiks “Oop North”.

          Can’t say I ever listened to them either! 😀


  2. NI DUP spent £Billions on wasteful fuel payments and other unnecessary projects. They could have spent on the NHS. The DUP have been bribed consistently by Westminster unionists for votes and support. Brexit now badly affecting the NI economy. The administration not coping well.

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