Scotsman’s Norfolk Correspondent reliably thick woolly thinker

For a better laugh, go to the link above and read the many interesting and imaginative suggestions offered to the Scotsman’s Norfolk-born and Southern-educated Connor Matchett, as he punts the notion that saying ‘we expect to have given second doses to all 40-49 year-olds‘ is the same as a target to do so. Is any politician in the other parts of the UK being blamed for the same level of performance in not being able to force the ill-informed, lazy or perhaps really busy, to attend even though they’ve had a bright blue envelope through their doors? No. Of course they haven’t. Do Connor’s family, back down there, think Boris should be blamed?

Anyhow, Connor is well-known to us at TuS as a high-performing eejit unconstrained by his Anglicised viewpoints and ignorance. Like a younger version of a retired Colonel living moodily in North Berwick, he writes tripe and the Scotsman publishes it for click-bait and to get other eejits like me worked up.

Some of Connor’s best work:

Before Matchett, the Scotsman seemed to have another Southern Connor who seems to have now disappeared. He was even more fun. Is is just a name change?

What no jokes about Norfolk folk having only 4 fingers and being too close to their sheep? Baaah! Not me.

8 thoughts on “Scotsman’s Norfolk Correspondent reliably thick woolly thinker

  1. “For a better laugh, go to the link above and read the many interesting and imaginative suggestions offered…”

    Took your advice.

    My favourite comment-exchange is the following:

    “Are you a journalist or a member of the ‘opposition’?”
    “Is there any difference?”
    “None whatsoever.”

    Rumbled… 😀

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  2. Conman Matchless.
    Working for a scandal sheet once known as a newspaper.

    I remember the owners of the Hootsmon were offered £50 million for this Title, not so long ago.
    They turned it down under pressure from the Tories, and other disreputable types.
    Wonder if there is any regret?
    Just think. They lost £50 big ones to keep Wee Brian Wilson and John McLennan scribbling p!sh!

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  3. And the Scotsman front page treatment for the Gina Davidson’s version…

    All the usual press suspects are taking the same tack with varying degrees of hyperbole, the “uproar” over the “spin” will probably lead to marches on Holyrood waving banners and chanting “Down with this sort of thing”…

    Pathetic really…

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  4. marches on Holyrood waving banners and chanting “Down with this sort of thing”…

    I like it 🙂

    For some reason it reminded me of the Retirement Age Protest cartoon with the man with the megaphone shouting

    “What do we want?
    “Why did we come here?
    “What were we saying?”

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  5. WHO state quite clearly that in any vaccination program that achieving 95%
    Is success
    And i clearly remember my Maths teacher clearly stating that upon preparing for any exam that your target is to score 100%
    Myself being the greatest,smartest and hard working genius that i undoubtedly am
    Never ever left a examination with anythings less than 100%
    Upon analysis my DNA has been found to have no links to Homo Sapiens

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  6. I was chatting to a young man I know and he said his grand dad, an old intelligent hippie type, refuses to have the jag, he doesn’t do anything but ‘alternative’ medicine. So there you go, you can’t force people, well you can but it’s not a great idea perhaps, but how many refuse to have the jag anyway? I suspect not many.

    Btw, O/T.

    I see that FOE Scotland decided to take their protest against the EngGOvs’ planned new oil field just off Shetland, to the ‘English government offices in Edinburgh’, rather than Holyrood. Maybe after I emailed them to say oil/energy etc is not within ScotGovs’ powers and they can do sweet fa to stop the EngGov wrecking the planet.

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  7. Surprised ‘Conor’ is a tenant, is the pay not enough to be an ‘owner’. (that’s what my nasty neighbours call themselves, ‘owners’, they call us ‘tenants’).
    I think they should be called the Borrowers.
    Matchetts’ analogy isn’t really very clever anyway.


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