Scotland vaccinating massive 23% more than rest of UK BEFORE ‘British Army’ arrives to add 1%

The rUK average is 731 doses per day while Scotland is doing 895 without the ‘British Army’, 23% ahead.

Scotland has been ahead now for a whole week but our media is predictably unmoved. They liked it better when we could be described as ‘lagging behind.’

As Leonard Cohen once ‘sang’:

Ah, you loved me as a loser, but now you’re worried that I just might win.

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12 thoughts on “Scotland vaccinating massive 23% more than rest of UK BEFORE ‘British Army’ arrives to add 1%

    1. peeliewallie
      L.Cohen calls to mind another song time
      That is most apt as far as The Union side
      “Closing Time”


  1. BBC were last night reporting Scotland was “slightly” behind England with overall vaccines, something like 72.9% to England’s 73.1%!, can’t remember exact figure, but Wales were well in front. Meant to check whether accurate on Travelling Tabby but didn’t get round to it.

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    1. I’ve since checked the data on TravellingTabby as of yesterday as follows
      UK. First Dose. Second Dose
      60.6%. 41.8%
      Nation. First Dose. Second Dose
      Wales. 69.3%. 39.6%
      Scotland. 62.0%. 41.2%
      England. 60.0%. 42.1%
      Northern Ireland. 57.6%. 37.5%
      Beats me how BBC were quoting figures in 70%+ range

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      1. iusedtobeenglis you’re right, when I change the selection, England and Scotland identical on 76.4%
        BBC probably compared different days or pressed the “special” button on their calculator


  2. Ultimately it only matters because “lagging behind” has been rubbed in our faces relentlessly by HMS Sarah Smith et al and SG opposition, causing an outbreak of Swinsonitis across Scotland (irritable vowel syndrome) which has actually done more for the Indy-cause than anything AUOB could possibly have achieved in the circumstances.

    On Covid, they will all get to the target at the same time technically because of the pro-rata distribution, but what has been attempted via all the propaganda and to an extent succeed is to obscure how well everywhere except England has performed – BUT crucially, only England believes it.

    Petra posted this over on WGD, My only connection with Matt Hancock is a hopeful 4 by 2 in close proximity, but I’ve rarely heard such a load of claptrap outside of a used car-salesman trying to sell the remaining Lada in the lot.

    Let’s just get on and get vaccinations done, so we can get back to what matters, leaving the 4 by 2 eejits permanently behind…

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      1. Indeed, but there has been concern over London numbers since the outset. I recall at one point stumbling across London borough numbers well over the worst case areas in Scotland, not a cheep in the media who were spinning disaster in Scotland.

        The problem throughout has been London based politicians directing subservient or coerced media unwilling or unable to represent the public presumably “in the national interest”.
        Propaganda has it’s place, in wartime….

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