BBC minimising England football fan violence in Portugal

Fresh from their success in the Eurovision Song Contest, English football fans were clearly keen to make sure Portugal remembered it would be sem pontos from them next time.

The BBC was keen to play the incidents down as ‘minor’, but the truth emerged on social media:

Minor? Minor miracle more not hurt?

When I heard Chelsea fans would be going to Porto, I was reminded:


And, against Man City?

Raheem Sterling: the England football star who took on the racists |  Financial Times

If Man City win, as they should, watch out!

8 thoughts on “BBC minimising England football fan violence in Portugal

  1. The Little Engerlunders, out to show “Britain’s ” oldest ally, Portugal, how to behave after Brexit—same as before Brexit, apparently.
    No doubt, Murdo and the “No Shurrrenduurrrrrr” loyalists will be cheering on the boys in blue, the Queens 22.

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  2. Perhaps they are the advance guard of Johnson’s new Trade delegation to Portugal intent in highlighting the lack of riot gear among the local police ?
    No doubt Boris could fill the gap with some unused water cannons that he illegally bought for London . OOPS ! Too late ! They were scrapped at a £300,000 loss to the rate-payer . Thank God it wasn’t a new sofa for No.10 !

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  3. It was ‘amusing’ – well not really – to listen to the Radio 4 Today programme’s references this morning to the match. Firstly, I estimate over c. 2 hours that the term ‘all England’ or ‘all English’ final was mentioned more than a dozen times. OK, so I got the ‘message’!

    That’s fair enough but the irony seemed to be lost on the Today presenters when they also made mention, once, of the owners (non- English) of the two clubs and the managers (non- English) of both club – and that’s before we consider the non- English players. But then hubris is never far from a BBC presenter!

    Secondly, amongst discussion on the same Radio 4 programme of Covid and ending of lockdown or not in England in June, there was mention of the crowd restrictions at the European Cup Final in Porto, the presence of social distancing within the stadium and the advice to the travelling English fans to remain in ‘bubbles’ to limit transmission.

    All sensible stuff but then there is an interview with a Man City fan at the airport ready to fly out to Portugal. “What’s it like there?’ asks the presenter to which we learn of a crowd of a ‘thousands’ milling around in high spirits and of this fan delighting in meeting up with folk in her ‘Man City family’ that she hasn’t seen for many months.

    I wonder how much damage was done in terms of transmission of the virus in the departure lounges of UK airports today between football fans and from/to football fans and other travellers? I wonder what social distancing was practised on the flights going out to Portugal?

    It’s hard to understand why the Portuguese authorities would take the risk at this time – presumably money. I hope they – and we in the UK – don’t come to regret!

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  4. Breaking news
    have just announced that England football fans abroad MUST adorn a new shirt c/ w SS insignia and skull and crossbones
    This is ensure that locals etc are able to identify exactly what confronts them
    And solely in the interest of public safety
    This news was NOT brought to you by the Monty Ptyhon team
    But by a source of good old fashioned decency and common sense

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  5. Heard today that Bagpipes are banned from the Euros . . . . . Other things that should be banned before our national instrument. . . .
    Hurling Plastic Chairs. . . . An English cultural activity practised by English males in European countries.


  6. Just listening to Tam Cowan’s “Scoff Scotland” . . . . . Talked to two business men in Scotland’s food industry . . . . Not one with a Scottish Accent! . . . . . (BBC Radio Scotland. Who else)

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  7. Woo-hoo, Boris gets married (again) and becomes Boris Symonds.
    19 children carried the train, and another three brought the ring.
    Sponsored by **********of St James and the Kremlin.

    Only one fifth of our English friends oppose indy, leaving Alan Cochrane (cock-a-loopy) in despair, his whole reason for existence in ruin.
    Meanwhile the Torygraf is to “educate” its English readers as to the maintenance of the subjugation of the Jocks.

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