Covid in Scotland: Cases of infection while in hospital at record high |  Scotland | The Times

From SNP Media today:

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today asked people in Scotland to vote SNP to keep the NHS safe as she highlighted the risk to the NHS of putting power in Tory hands.
With the SNP Scottish Government currently offering an average pay rise of 4% to NHS Agenda for change staff, that would be paid within the first 100 days of a re-elected SNP Government, the First Minister highlighted the insulting 1% on offer from the Tories, despite the extraordinary lengths NHS staff have gone to over the last year. 
On a campaign visit to Eastwood the SNP leader said it was essential that in next week’s election people across Scotland vote to keep Scotland’s NHS in safe hands.
Nicola Sturgeon said:
“In this election I am asking the people of Scotland to help me keep our NHS safe and out of Boris Johnson’s hands.
“The SNP is backing Scotland’s essential NHS workers with a 4% pay rise against the 1% on offer from the Tories at Westminster. 
“If we are re-elected the SNP will use all our experience in government to implement a full-scale remobilisation of the NHS with record levels of investment.
“And we will keep the essential services helping us through Covid, like Test and Protect, in public hands, not managed by private companies.
“The Tory threat level to Scotland’s NHS from a sleaze-ridden Westminster government is real, present and at its highest ever setting.
“The Scottish Tory leader has already voted to strip robust protection for the NHS from Westminster post-Brexit trade deals and to give the Tory government powers to muscle in on the Scottish Parliament anytime they like.
“And from Boris Johnson down, senior Westminster Tories have made it clear they want to cut Scotland’s share of UK public spending.
“The actions of the Westminster Tory government since the Brexit vote in 2016 all add up to a serious and growing threat to our health service. That would be bad enough at any time, but it is critical that as we recover from Covid, decisions about Scotland’s health and Scotland’s health service are in Scotland’s hands.
“Voting SNP will put the future of Scotland’s NHS in Scotland’s hands – and out of Boris Johnson’s.


  1. The UK internal market Act will be used at crucial times to persuade , bribe , not just voters but local government.
    In the lead up to a Scottish independence referendum you will see westminster giving money to council areas and businesses as a sweetener to encourage them to vote against scottish independence , this is its main purpose.

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    1. I agree completely with Terence Callachan’s assessment of the Internal Market Act:

      – sew division by setting local authorities against the Scottish Government and Holyrood Parliament; setting one area, one local authority against another; disrupting the relationship between the SG and COSLA for local government finance; favouring Unionist-led local councils against others; incentivising businesses and other economic actors to favour Westminster as the key source of financial support; reduce the financial ability of the SG/Holyrood to implement policies; further distort Scotland fiscal position – our claimed ‘dependency’ on Westminster largesse – via GERS or similar.

      And the longer they can delay any democratic event for us to choose our future, their logic is simple: there will be longer for these changes to the devolution settlement – which we have not voted for – to take effect.


  2. Westminster reported to spend £145Billion on NHS. Consequentials? Scotland SNHS spend comes out of the Block Grant (£34Billion). Scotland can increase it to mitigate any Westminster cuts. MUP was approved by EU on health grounds. Cutting sugar and fats in process foods would improve healthcare. The food industry lobbies the Westminster parties.

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  3. I hope Scots are fully aware of what is at stake in this election.
    It is a choice between government from Scotland or Westminster and about whether we continue to have public services or not.
    None of the London based political parties can or will do anything to stop the Tory’s agenda,so it is up to Scottish voters to decide.


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