‘Care homes that received discharges might actually have seen slightly lower rates of outbreaks’ Robert Cuffe BBC Head of Statistics

There’s much more in the full BBC report, that you won’t hear:


I can’t rule out deliberate anti-independence bias in the Pacific Quay staff.

3 thoughts on “‘Care homes that received discharges might actually have seen slightly lower rates of outbreaks’ Robert Cuffe BBC Head of Statistics

  1. It’s anti Scotland bias, it’s full on propaganda. The English government and the BritNat BBC are gas lighting the people of Scotland and it’s a disgraceful attack on the democratic rights of the people of Scotland, as well as the democratic process in the lead up to the Scottish election. Their ‘precious union’ is at stake, they will do everything they can to keep Scotland shackled, they are the subsidy junkies, and it’s time Scotland stopped funding their corruption, only independence will solve that imbalance though, including England standing on its own two feet, the gravy train is now stopping at the border, staying north of it, so, mind how you go, byeeee!

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  2. Only the most gullible fool with fixed ideas would rule out the most obvious bias when it really is the most obvious bias.
    There is no doubt that the entire BBC Scotland operation is entirely biased against any change to the current make up of the the UK. It’s built into their charter and the founding principles of Lord Reith.
    Its core function is to protect the ‘sacred union’ and always has been.
    At different times, it has seen its function in different ways,
    It facilitated and approved the Thatcher regime that destroyed so much of Scottish industry.
    BBC Scotland is a creature of whichever party is in power in Westminster and will always toe the party line.
    So, that includes supporting the invasion of Iraq, the destruction of Libya and Syria and the support of the Saudi regime against the Yemeni people while at the same time approving the sale of arms designed to kill the Yemeni people

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  3. There is an election in Wales coming up too. The BBC News website – Wales’ section – published this a few of weeks ago (see below). The tone is notably different from the output from the BBC and from parties opposing the incumbent governing party in Scotland.

    Headline: ‘Covid in Wales: Behind the politics of the pandemic’
    By Daniel Davies, BBC Wales political correspondent
    Published 26 March (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-56524650 )

    Firstly the article includes this from the Labour Welsh government’s health minister about the handling of Covid in the first wave:

    ‘An earlier lockdown could have saved more lives, Mr Gething says, but he can’t say when it ought to have happened. “At that time we made choices based on the best evidence and science,” he says.
    “If we had the evidence we have now, we would make different choices. I think we’d have gone into lockdown earlier.”

    And that’s it until later in the same article, do we get a pile-in from the Welsh Tories? In fact we don’t!

    “Conservative shadow health minister Angela Burns says the Welsh government could have acted more nimbly, for example by buying personal protective equipment (PPE) sooner. But, you know, we have got to remember this came out of leftfield,” she says.

    “We can look back with hindsight and say an awful lot of mistakes were made, but I think that in the heat of the moment, trying to work out what to do best, how serious it was, I think is a very difficult call.”

    And then this: “Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds says the devolved administrations had limited room to manoeuvre last spring.
    “I think it would have been very difficult for us to have made a unilateral decision at that point,” she says.’

    Now statistically the Welsh government’s handling of the pandemic in the first wave was no better, perhaps even had worse outcomes than in Scotland. But here we have reasonable statements being made by opposition politicians and these reasonable statements being aggregated and amplified by BBC Wales. No sign of the ‘criminal neglect’ claims being made by Labour politicians in Scotland. No sign of the blatant negative framing of Covid related issues in BBC Scotland headlines.

    I will take some convincing that the nature of the BBC output in Scotland and the toxicity of the political rhetoric coming from those opposing the SNP is other than a fabrication motivated by Unionism and their efforts to crush the strengthening aspiration in Scotland for self-determination.

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