‘Mired in a cesspit of Westminster sleaze’

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From SNP Media today:

Scotland’s longest-serving MP has blasted the cronyism crisis engulfing the UK government at Westminster – saying Scots can ditch the “House of Sleaze” for an independent future.

It’s been revealed that Former Tory PM David Cameron lobbied the UK Chancellor and Health Secretary to try and secure access for Greensill Capital to taxpayer funded COVID loan schemes. Meanwhile, PM Boris Johnson is reported to have lobbied on behalf of a Saudi crown prince as multi-billion pounds of contracts were handed out to Tory donors during the COVID crisis – without any competitive tendering process.

With only 16 days until the Holyrood election in Scotland, Pete Wishart MP urged people in Scotland to vote SNP and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

Pete Wishart MP said:

“The latest reports of Tory dealings with Greensill have shocked the nation – but are just the latest headlines showing the Tories mired in a cesspit of Westminster sleaze which they simply cannot run away from.

“The Greensill scandal, COVID contracts for Tory donors and the personal intervention from PM Boris Johnson at a Saudi prince’s request all prove that this Tory government is dominated and driven by cronyism – and people in Scotland want nothing to do with it.

“There are now just 16 days until polling day, when people in Scotland are asked: who has the right to decide Scotland’s future after the pandemic – people in Scotland or Boris Johnson? As every sordid detail is reported, more people in Scotland want ditch the House of Sleaze and put Scotland’s future in our own hands.”

Contact: snpmedia@snpmedia.net

3 thoughts on “‘Mired in a cesspit of Westminster sleaze’

  1. And I’m glad to see that the estimable Peter Stefanovic just won’t give up calling out the PM’s lies. His video documenting the evidence now has nearly 11.5 million views as of today!

    See his latest focus on Tory lies here: https://twitter.com/PeterStefanovi2/status/1384149763046531076

    Also, the questions around the PM’s honesty are now generating reaction in the Commons. This is from Caroline Lucas MP on twitter earlier today: glad to see the SNP’s participation but where is the Leader of the Opposition?

    @CarolineLucas: “Nearly all opposition parties are united in our anger at PM’s lying & our concern for integrity of our democracy

    “Pleased to be joined by @edwardjdavey @LSRPlaid @ianblackford_MP @columeastwood @stephenfarryMP in writing to Speaker about PM’s failure to follow ministerial code”

    And finally the issue is getting some traction in the corporate media. This is from today’s Guardian: “Parties call for inquiry into Boris Johnson’s ‘failure to be honest’. Exclusive: Commons Speaker asked to allow vote on inquiry as government spokesperson says ‘PM follows the ministerial code’.”

    To quote Mr Stefanovic: “When will @BBCNews catch up?” And to repeat – where is the Leader of HM’s Opposition?

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  2. Put in the simplest of terms
    D.Cameron had say at least £ 20 million of his own monies invested in Greensill
    He knows they about to go belly up and his millions go down the drain
    He calls his old pals of power and influence,all in order to give Grensill at the very least Hundreds of £ Millions of Taxpayers money
    And all in order to avoid impending liquidation and maintain the current share price so that Cameron sells immediately ( before the ink drys ) his holdings in Greensill
    Cameron grins like a Cheshire cat and owes his pals one
    And the Taxpayer is left with the loss of
    Hundreds of £ millions

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  3. Just wait until there’s a public inquiry into the criminal negligence of HMG’s initial response to the pandemic. Nah, only kidding, as the PM will never be held accountable in Brexitania. Where the rule-of-law tends to bend in the face of political expedience, and international law is viewed as an inconvenient and easily ignored obstacle to the ambitions of right-wing English nationalism.



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