Infections at lowest level since September 28th

I fully agree that we should stick to the rules but can we not hear a wee bit of good news to encourage us?

The Herald’s lack of context would have you think: ‘THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE, OH NO!’

But, hey that’s the lowest since the end of September 2020, SIX MONTHS AGO!

And in hospitals, only 215, the lowest since October 4th 2020, 5 months ago.
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4 thoughts on “Infections at lowest level since September 28th

  1. We do need to remain diligent to the task and socially disciplined, but this framing is so bogus as to be highly misleading. So why is this particular media outlet so lacking in ethical discipline? Despite it not being a sensationalist tabloid, do you think they have a similar agenda to the worst of them?

    Human rights and a changing media landscape

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  2. Oh my will they be hoping to be able to keep the fear narrative going, the jobsworths at the Herod must be praying that numbers go up in Scotland in the next month and even if they don’t they will, as they have in this article,
    used the pandemic for political leverage, ie anti SNP, anti ScotGov, anti independence. Don’t go out whatever you do folks, and especially don’t go anywhere near your front door on May 6th! Stay home argh!!!

    Oh wait it wasn’t so long ago, even when numbers were much higher that the media so called, were calling the ScotGov draconian for taking peoples’ human rights away by forcing them to stay home and stay alive and help others stay alive. Yep, it was all, how dare they keep people from sitting a few centimetres from each other in restaurants, and the horror of not being able to go to a gym, horrific.

    Stay home now though folks, it’s really scary out there, you might die if you pop your head out the door, and make sure to stay home on May 6th…surprised they aren’t suggesting a curfew on the young, 16-24 year olds, they will vote for SNP and independence.


  3. The Herod doesn’t mention there were more than 3000 new cases and 10 deaths in the rUK on 3rd of April. Is it still the case that they don’t always include Covid on the death certificates in England?
    Scotland will need to impose strict quarantine soon as the holiday season starts because people in England will be desperate to go somewhere now they mostly can’t go abroad. If not, Scotland will have a job to keep numbers down and might see another spike in the autumn.

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    1. Indeed, even the National replicated this comparative free tosh almost verbatim, is it a contractual requirement for them ?

      The manner of England’s exit from lockdown and their infection levels should be ringing alarm bells in SG, nothing about the way WM have handled this gives any comfort whatsoever, but with the end of Empire beckoning in May, and so many sacrificed already in England on the Tory 3-word-slogan altar, would a further wave with a Kent Mk2 variant appearing immediately prior to the Holyrood elections be beneath them ?
      The opportunity to kill so many stones with one bird, Sarah Smith, must be tempting..


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