Shouting ‘Theatre!’ into a fire without incendiary facts needed to heat up the troops

How’s that for an unusual headline? Will it intrigue or deter. I’ll tell you later.

Now, sitting next to a pile of SNP leaflets and planning to pound the streets gently (arthritis) delivering them this afternoon, I am absolutely not breaking ranks at this crucial time, but I do wish the FM would step back and concentrate her fire on the real opposition.

However, it matters little:

Yes supporters, ‘the troops’ do not read the Herald and so tales of schisms and civil wars have little if any affect in heating up their tempers.’

That’s my thesis.

What’s my evidence?

First, after a wee dip at the peak of Opposition/MSM carpet bombing of the First Minister around the televised mock trials and reports, Yes is back in the lead consistently and SNP support looks likely to produce an overall SNP majority in Holyrood next month.

Second, I just launched a twitter-poll which might provide controvertible proof that Yes supporters won’t touch the Herald with a barge pole, even a wipeable plastic one.

At the time of writing, with 52 votes in, 96.2% do not agree that Yes supporters read the Herald. I’ll update this later to prove my findings are statistically probable.

13 thoughts on “Shouting ‘Theatre!’ into a fire without incendiary facts needed to heat up the troops

  1. Groundhog Day at the Herald. So boring no one reads it. 35K sales. The website predictable repetition covered in moving ads. Unreadable headache. The reporting a biased disappointment.

    The story of the day regurgitated stuff and nonsense. Not worth the paper it is printed on. Just to bring annoyance or even anger at the inaccuracies.

    The Sun and Record front page has been supporting Nicola Sturgeon. Caricaturing DR and RD. The dunces. 500,000 readership. They have a finger on the pulse for a change. The unionists needing a lifeline from Westminster. Subsidies press bias. The Sun is cheapest. It shows.


  2. I only know about the Herald through your excellent website, John. You must have a strong constitution [unlike the so-called united kingdom] to wade through its lies and propaganda every day. Kudos to you.

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  3. I like the new site format.
    I like the quality of the articles ( I have minor differences of opinion)

    The Yes community are united in supporting the SNP in the constituency. They are less aligned on the leadership, policies and structure)
    The Yes community are, in general, more inclined to took at the list as a method to maximise support for Independence. Unfortunately the SNP leadership appear mor focused on the SNP majority than the Independence majority.

    Alba is not the enemy! The members I know had previously been very long term members of the SNP, activists and in many cases branch and CA officials. We seek the same objective.

    In War ” The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. It is time to remember who the enemy is. It is not those who walked with you on AUOB marches or who once attended conference with you or stood beside you on a YES stall.


  4. Nichola MUST know the consequences of winning big are less seats in the list if any. She MUST know for this to happen will be much less helpful towards Independence tha most of the people of Scotland want.
    Yet she seems happy with that idea, she talks about Independence but does not act on it, despite a number of mandates that have been available to her. Obviously she talks about it now, because she wants for her, and her man to continue earning the big bucks from the public purse.

    If she was serious, she would welcome ALBA and put personalities,
    aside, for the sake of the country. Unfortunately she has decided that for her, it is not important to even consider it.

    If we look at another thing that does not chime well with many people including myself, is her working against the Keatings v S30 case. There she is working with who now, must be her good friends, she knows them very well. So there ya go, the SNP, the Crown office ( with ex Mi5 officer therin) and of course the Lord advocate. They are all working together AGAINST the rights of the Scottish people, no one and I have asked many why would she be doing that, none have came up with a valid reason.

    I am now calling them the three Amigo’s, as they seem to do a lot of work together including of course the Salmond case.
    So what is motivating Nichola? I surely do not know. However, I do not think it is Independence, it is something else in her head that only she and Murrel, know.


    1. MI5 etc are very powerful, most people wouldn’t mess with them…they have friends in even higher places. The fact that the EngGov appoints people at top level in the Scottish government, is suspect to say the very least.
      Anyone know if it’s the case in Wales? Does the EngGov appoint their civil servants in the Welsh government as well, presume so.


      1. There’s only one Civil Service in the UK: the UK Civil Service run by Whitehall, so it’s a certainty that Wales and NI get their senior civil servants selected for them too. Given the UK’s talent for dirty tricks, it’s a safe bet that the short list of candidates supplied to the devolved governments will all be Whitehall “trusties” who can be relied on to keep their UK masters informed of anything that might be construed as potentially harmful to the UK Government’s interests.

        Can anyone imagine the French agreeing to outsource its senor civil servants to a foreign power? Of course not, but the UK devolved nations find themselves in this impossible situation where their every move and strategy is known to Whitehall in advance. Coincidence? I think not.


    2. ”Yet she seems happy with that idea, she talks about Independence but does not act on it,”

      In 2017 Nicola Sturgeon started a campaign for a 2nd referendum, within weeks Theresa May called a snap GE, Unsurprisingly the SNP lost seats (from circa 56 out of 59) this took the wind out of the campaign.

      After being defeated in 2014 Nicola Sturgeon said she wanted to hold a referendum and she intends to win it. That is why Unionists are running scared of her. Propagating lies, desperately trying to split the SNP and wider Yes movement.


  5. Does it really matter if you read the “Scottish” press?
    They have treated their readership abysmally for at least two decades, eliminating analysis for “we know best” unionism, cutting content and reducing news and current affairs output for “opinion” (most of whom are Brit Nats).
    They have repeatedly cut staff to maintain profit levels for their parent companies, yet appear to think their poor performance as informative and dependable sources, deserves public subsidy.

    I bought the Scotsman for quarter of a century, when it was a “paper of record”.
    Now everyday is April Fools day—spot the huntiegowk.

    I think the public suspended belief in what they editorialize many, many years ago!

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  6. huntiegowk sums it up. The sanctimonious British Press why would anyone read it. To get a headache and get annoyed. Or even angry. At the regurgitated nonsense spewing out day after day. What is the point of it. It does not reflect reality just a biased opinion. No statistically information. Just click bites.or sound bite headlines. Often they do not even reflect the article.


  7. Greens in england and wales voted last year to support people being allowed to change their gender and all certificates including birth certs without any checks just a simple declaration by the individual .
    Have the greens in scotland decided the same ?
    How would we know ?
    The greens are being presented by some people as more reliable for scottish independence than ALBA but i fear they wrong , the greens have other priorities with an S on the end ,
    One is gender recognition review
    I hope the greens in Scotland dont hold SNP to ransom for indyref2 support by saying SNP have to allow people in Scotland to change their gender and change all their documents including birth certificates marriage certificates etc with nothing more than their own self declaration as proposed and carried by greens in england and wales.
    Is it possible ?
    Its hard to find out greens in scotland policy on this but they do have a strong LBGT membership


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