Massive fall in death rate not good for our mental health?

I’ve had to modify the BBC Scotland headline choice to represent more accurately the situation. They had:

Covid in Scotland: Sixty-one new deaths registered in past week

It’s not inaccurate. It’s just depressing when other news could be reported. Those who watch more TV news are more likely to be depressed or anxious.

They do note below:

According to National Records of Scotland (NRS) that was a fall of five from the previous week and a decrease of 166 from the previous month.

But, that’s not the headline they feel you need at this time. Remember, I’m not suggesting a conspiracy to keep us anxious and thus less likely to vote for change, not like the all-too-obvious selection of guests and questions for the Leaders Debate with Sarah Smith, just an underlying culture generating, on a semi-conscious basis, bad feelings about NHS Scotland and thus the SNP Government.

Editorial decisions are on what to go with, not just how to headline it.

The NRS data includes deaths where Covid-19 was not tested for as a cause of death but where it was added to a death certificate.

Deaths based on a test are a much more reliable measure and they have been dropping fast to a low level. From a shocking 7-day average of 60 at the end of January before the vaccine effect kicked-in to just over 5 yesterday.

Could that be in in the public interest, the news?

11 thoughts on “Massive fall in death rate not good for our mental health?

  1. Hello Mr Robertson , you said
    “ Remember, I’m not suggesting a conspiracy to keep us anxious and thus less likely to vote for change “

    Well i am suggesting that this is exactly what the BBC are doing , why ? because they have been doing it for so long , even before covid19 , its no accident its no thoughtless error its simply a calculated ploy part of englands propaganda war on Scotland.

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    1. Yes, most on here disagree with me but neurologists have long known that human beings, not Sarah Smith of course, do things before they know they’ve made the decision to do them, influenced by the culture they are within.

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  2. And to add to the clever modus operandi
    Of the State propaganda wing ABC( BBC)
    On Debate night airing this week
    The Lib Dem lady clearly stated
    And in Scotland we officially have over
    10000 deaths
    Wrong Wrong Wrong
    Officially as of her quote it was 7596 No.
    But S .Smith never even batted a eyelid
    And worse still the SNP panelist just sat back and utterly failed to immediately
    Interject and demand retraction and apology
    Such demonstrates a complete lack of preparedness and a utter lack of pre planning
    SNP know all too well that such tricks are regularly deployed by Unionists in public forums
    Fore armed is Fore warned
    Wake up Wake up

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    1. No one believes LibDem lies. Caught out too many times.

      People went to bed and missed date night. Catch up? Better than QT. More balance. Stephen Jardine. More topical.


  3. Restriction to lift end of April. People are looking forward to that, along with the better weather going into Spring and summer. People getting out more but still following the rules. Now the most vulnerable have had the vaccination. Better times are coming.

    May 6 Important election coming. Some getting out and about canvassing delivering leaflets. Posters going up. People are looking forward to a better future.

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