Tories predict SNP/Alba/Greens to take 70% of seats

Daily Express

In the Express today, Douglas Ross predicts ‘nationalist MSPs taking 70% of seats’ in the Scottish Parliament, with the clear implication of what that means for Scottish independence.

Ross calls for an alliance with the other British Nationalist parties to ‘game’ the system too.

Along with the suggestion of an ‘Alba charge’ in the Telegraph today, this suggests that people who know, have told Ross what might be about to happen.

We haven’t seen the first post-Alba launch opinion poll, to suggest what the level of support might be for them, in the second vote, but it’s beginning to look as if some know already.

28 thoughts on “Tories predict SNP/Alba/Greens to take 70% of seats

  1. The endgame in sight. Gaming the system. The Tories unionists on the run. Everyone’s birth day has come together. Indy folk should work together. Happy days. Pandemic lifting. Breaking through D’Hond’t.
    It just gets better and better.

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      1. John,
        In reply to your post asking ‘Why only the Tories then?’ I would suggest that is because Labour are asleep at the wheel. Also the Tories have been gearing up for this for some time eg increasing presence in Scotland,; office to save the Union etc. Thus the Tories are ready to take advantage of any situation that presents itself however small and turn it against the SNP.

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    1. Alex,
      I have seen various articles in the last day or two usually from Tories ‘bigging up’ the Alba effect on the result of the election. This is the sort of approach you would take if you want to decrease the turnout. Sow the idea that it is in the bag and people start to think there is no need for them to vote because the result is a foregone conclusion. Stay home and then…

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  2. I can smell DRossies fear from Ochiltree.

    “Adult nappies all round, for the Brit Nits,
    There’s a stench that you get from the *True Brits*
    They claim what you smell is,
    That it comes from their wellies.
    But really, they know they’re in deep shit!”

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  3. Braw!!, hopefully this is how it ends up.

    Personally I am unsure about who to give my list vote too. The SNP have never had a list seat where I live and will not get one this time. I was going to give the Greens my vote but I am now undecided. Will eat for some polls.

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  4. 30% maximum unionist vote seems about right when you look at the bare bones of their support. Taking the List Vote from them decimates their seat count.
    Unionists may say that is “Gaming the system” but they introduced the D’Hondt system to “Game” the Scottish people.

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    1. And let’s not ignore the obvious, the 3 opposition parties have been “gaming the system” for years carving up the List between them, Alba could throw a wrench in their calculus.

      DRoss’s “call for an alliance” sets the stage for the Unionists’s pleading honesty when they fire up accusations of “cheating the system”…

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  5. Salmond, a gambler, has turned a near certain majority for the SNP into a gamble as to how many pro independence MSP’s we get.

    He (an unelected member of the public) has taken a gamble with the future of Scotland.

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  6. Well, Clydebuilt. Alex Salmond has pursued the idea of Scottish Independence ALL of his political life. It is in his soul.
    The SNP are likely to GAIN seats why? Because there are very many YES people who are not now, if ever, members of the SNP.

    Alba is a good option for them, but as Alba has declared they seek no office, they have been asked to support the SNP in the first vote, and vote Alba in the second. Which is likely to gain a good few votes on the list. Which would help,to secure a super majority for Independence.

    If the SNP make it big on the ist vote, they are assured under our imposed political system to get less, if any of the list votes. So why would you not think that is a good thing, it would be bound to make Indy stronger in our parliament and more focused on Independence.

    The bonus would be, that we close the door for the Unionists that continually get in by the back door, they are the ones who have been gaming that system for many years. Imagine if you will, NO Murdo Fraser, NO Annie Wells and possibly many others. I for one would be clapping that. They are in there to cause dissent, every day of the week.
    Would you not like that to happen? Remember, they are the enemy within.

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  7. The only fly in the ointment I see is, if Tories stand down in some constituencies, not regional list, and their votes go to other Unionists, it could adversely affect SNP1.
    Anyone else agree/disagree?


    1. Robert Martin
      Re agree/ disagree ?
      In short neither as this is I see their situation
      Which they have been thrust into by Alba and AS
      As of now and due to electoral commission rules , any action is severely limited
      They have been completely caught off guard
      And now reeling and punch drunk
      All without any potential allies coming to stand upon the field of Battle under their Union Flag
      Are Labour and Liberal playing a very clever came now in knowing that in the event of a super Indy majority that the game for their London branch offices is well and truly up
      And hedging their Bets that once the Dust settles they break away from London and set up 100 % totally and truly new Scottish parties free from all London Dictates
      Me thinks deep down they know the Union game is over and suicidal for them to stick by it
      So all this forces the Tories to fight alone with
      No clear alternative policies other than maintain the StatusQue at all costs
      And no real effective Ammo far less sharp shooters to deploy
      Their initial moves have all been 100% wrong
      And actually shot themselves in the foot
      Dross is a buffoon and throughly bereft of intellect,leadership & strategy skills and no calvary beyond the hill to come to the rescue
      So expect more and more ill considered maneuvers from now on and anything is possible within the limiting rules
      So for all in the YES movement keep the head as all others around are losing theirs
      Stand tall,united and let’s Eye Ball them down and out this time
      The Tories are now a wounded Bear so please keep this in mind
      They must never be presented the chance to recover, stand up and lash out with their massive arms with the fiercest and sharpest of claws
      Make their wounds fatal as you cast both your votes
      Constituency SNP
      List Alba or Green dependant on the Maths
      Keep the rocket fuel we now have
      And leave well alone Wreck the Hoose Juice

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  8. According to Salmond his stated preference is 1st vote SNP, List vote (2nd) Alba. It could be that he IS gaming the system!


  9. Roxyracoons above link says

    “ Even if it was possible to ‘game the system’, and to pack Holyrood with a supermajority of indy MSPs (leaving unionist voters vastly underrepresented and feeling disenfranchised), how do you think that would be seen by potential converts to Yes?“

    Personally i dont care what potential converts think , thry hsve to make their own decision and i hope its one that is based on Scotland being a better country independent than it is when being controlled by another country.

    This little piece about converts to yes being upset by tactical voting is chronic because britnats have been doing tactical voting for years
    Independentista voters are first timers at tactical voting


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