Buckinghamshire care home owners rip-off vulnerable Scots

In the Herald today:

A CARE home provider has been accused of ‘opportunistic profiteering’ after announcing a fee rise that will result in residents paying up to £500 extra a month. The Care Concern Group, which has 44 homes in Scotland and specialises in dementia care, has announced a 9% rise in some homes.

And reading on:

This will be the staff they should have employed to prevent the ‘tsunami of death’ (Lennon, 2020) in their care homes last year?

This will be the PPE they have needed for flu for decades beforehand and testing provided free by the Scottish Government last year?

Care Concern Group are based in The Priory, Stomp Road, Burnham, Bucks, England.

Their directors (owners) are Paul Joseph Beaumont and Manpreet Sing Johal , above. Mr Beaumont is not to be found, pictured.

6 thoughts on “Buckinghamshire care home owners rip-off vulnerable Scots

  1. Nationalise Elderly care and bring it back into SNHS hands.

    People never come before profits in these private care home business models.

    I would hazard a guess that like others in this sector Care Concern Group will pay minimal tax, pay obscene share holder bonuses and offshore profits to maximise ‘tax efficiency’!

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  2. Re- private care home business models. As we’ve read on this site over the period of the pandemic, the structure of the private care home sector is ‘tangled’ to say the least.

    A visit to the Companies House website and a search for the directorships held by Mr Manpreet Singh Johal reveals:

    – 87 current director appointments – most if not all seemingly, from a quick look, associated with care homes

    – overall he is listed as having 109 different appointments in his career to date. (He is recorded as being born in August 1983 so not the longest of careers so far.)

    Record of the Companies House search can be found at: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/officers/0VGdV04GQt-iH7DRun2k-Ecr_u0/appointments

    Something intuitively problematic about a sector of such importance to the old and vulnerable in our society, and their families, that operates commercially with such a complex business structure.

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  3. Leave all social care to neo liberal capitalism
    With very few hard biting laws and regulations
    Then here is exactly what you end up
    A complex company structure with a few key directors and many subsidiaries companies
    End result
    Show no profits get tax rebates as the monies in/ out are passed through the complex corporate structure and holdings
    A constant pleading of poverty by the providers
    Absolute minium required investment in the
    Care facility and all staff
    Minium salaries possible
    All sneaked away profits paid as payment to subsidiary companies then as Directors Bonuses Then Off shore Tax Havens
    Poor Std.of overall care especially really caught well short in instances such as Covid
    All requiring massive state intervention to avoid disaster
    Not as much a thank you other than rattle the begging bowl to Government , residents and relatives Taking their chance to screw the system even more
    Ruthlessly with absolute minium fiscal compensation to the Owners
    End Off No negoiating or Quarter given
    Who the F**k do these people think they are
    Well I Know
    Scum, filth,parasites,criminals,greedy selfish evil disgusting Human Beings
    Tear their House down and whilst they still in it
    When and not if we Indy
    Serve notice upon them as to what is very soon to befall them,with a strong warning that any past or future law breaking will result in the full force of Law, pursuit and if guilty sentences that will rob them of all their
    Ill gotten gains
    I shall have none tell me such action is uncivilised
    Because tis them and the current situation that is
    A New Sheriff in Town Boys and there shall be Law, so get out whilst the going is good
    We are coming for you

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