Alba Party ‘charge?’ Who said that?

Telegraph today

I this like the times when only the bookies seem to really know what is going on? Politicians of all types look straight down the camera lens and swear blind that something is or is not the case but the bookies are offering good odds that they are wrong.

Several politicians, from Labour, Lib Dems, Greens and the SNP have predicted confidently for us that no one will vote for the Alba Party but the Tories are acting like they know the wolf is at the door.

But, first, that word, ‘charge.’ Where did that come from? The Telegraph is connected to the powerful in the Tory establishment. Maybe it means nothing. They own the pollsters. Maybe they know something.

So perhaps, someone has told them what is really likely to happen here and they’re scared like folk who fear losing their jobs. Look at what they have done.

First they offered an alliance with Labour and the Lib Dems. Now they’re talking about standing down in favour of them in certain ‘areas’ to help them deny the Alba Party list seats. Isn’t this previously unimaginable behaviour?

14 thoughts on “Alba Party ‘charge?’ Who said that?

      1. It was, I couldn’t agree more.

        I d’Hondt know about you, but I can see this one developing legs.

        Well done Mr Henderson.


    1. William Henderson
      They are most certainly not really scared

      They are shaking uncontrollably and terrified
      And see no possible way out or forward
      Expect fatal error upon error from them
      Tis complete and disarray that you now witness and the referee has blown the whistle and game on now
      All is ours for the taking now
      Boris will be dragged to the table spitting teeth and blood and ruffling most furiously the mop that sits upon his Stupid elite educated cranium
      Utterly bereft of any means as how to respond
      Once you wound the bear,golden rule FINISH the beast


  1. The London based political parties here in Scotland have in effect been acting as a single Unionist party in our elections since 2014.
    No to independence seems to have been their only policy because they know that by pretending to have differences in opinion that will lose them seats at Holyrood.
    Much though I suspect the motives behind Alex Salmond’s new party,we have to counter the No to independence with a Yes to independence message.
    Very amusing to see the English press who had been cheer leading for Alex Salmond,doing a U turn when they realised that we operate a different electoral system in Scotland and that his new party represents a potential threat to their hegemony.
    Be careful what you wish for.

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  2. Generalisimo DRossy——

    “Salmond’s charging. Quick, sound the retreat”.—–
    —–And all the sheeplings, and Wee Wullie and his ram, disappeared over the hill.

    That’s all for today, children, Tomorrow we will talk about how Scotland flourished with independence.

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    1. I use the medium of nursery rhymes, to paint an allegorical word picture for those whose mental acuity matches my own.

      I live at the bottom of the “high village”, though the rarefied air made the trudge to the Legion club at the top of the village ( now long gone) a drouthy climb. .
      If I were Californian rather than Caledonian, then “high” village would take on a different meaning.


  3. The reaction to Alba by nearly all in & on the NO side and across the whole spectrum is
    Easily explained,the most revealing of all is that to a T reactions are similar
    We are all human and are pre programmed by
    Our very DNA to react to environmental stimulous in a manner that None can possibly
    And absolutely the strongest stimulus that
    Within a Millionth of Seconds induces the next moves
    You make highly DANGEROUS get it wrong
    And Oh My

    Your whole system is immediately flooded by a massive dose of Adrenalin, along with many
    Other hormones and hormones are quite simply chemical messengers and instructions
    For what your mind and body MUST do & follow
    All because when susprisingly confronted or cornered by immediate threat to your very existence or cataclysmic wounds at the very least
    Simple examples 1. A yellow and black little insect suddenly lands on your face OR 2. You look down at your feet as you walk and there lies a snake
    No need to quiz what anybodies reactions are
    Is their because we all know what the consequences are if we do not react or do so in the wrong way
    The Bookies know all this instinctively and analyse then rapidly adjust the betting odds
    Accordingly because they have now been confronted with extreme danger to their MONEY if they get it wrong
    So lets act like the bookies as our opposition
    Were suddenly confronted with a upright Hissing cobra ( A.Salmond ) with only 6 weeks to go to voting
    1.They immediately went bolt upright and remember the Adrenaline and the other powerful hormones that flooded their veins
    2.Exactly what their next moves were
    Now they have through no choice whatsoever reacted and made moves that are now almost impossible to correct
    3.All MSM and Political opposition put Alba across as a threat to YES and We utterly divided and broken Now WRONG Move. Big Mistake
    They tried to turn the Whole event into
    One of Personalities WRONG MOVE
    The Tories could not wait to try and bring Lab/ Lib on side Big Big Big Mistake, Lab/Lib
    Immediately spotted the immense danger of saying yes so refused, but tried to move the agenda their way WRONG Move
    All this Proves one thing and that the NO side thinks
    That they had complete control of the narrative and agenda up to polling day
    Whilst these events clearly demonstrate
    That actually it us on the YES side and the people of Scotland who always and shall ever be so In Control
    The Spell over Scotland has now been broken
    So to all of Westminster, MSM & the NO parties
    Be very very careful now as the Cobra has already bit and the venom flowing through your veins
    Why because the Cobra has plenty more venom for you
    As the voters also have ready to deliver at the Poll
    Phone 999 you Yoons are going to need it


  4. Who would use the Express to publicly play up the relevance of a third list vote independence party.
    Perhaps somebody who wants to encourage independence minded voters to take said party seriously and vote for them. Thereby taking votes from the two other Indy parties.
    Since when did politicians play up the importance of their competition in public, rather than ridicule them?


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