Scotland pulls ahead in vaccinations but it’s not news

Any time, for whatever reason, even following JCVI guidelines to save lives, if Scotland vaccinated fewer than England, it was big news.

Today despite spending time and resources in care homes again, we pull ahead:

Is it the news? Nope. For BBC Scotland, Willie Rennie is:

How about the Herald? Nope, its Alex Salmond and Tommy Sheridan:

New values, eh?

10 thoughts on “Scotland pulls ahead in vaccinations but it’s not news

  1. Aye Willie, such wise words, lol. In the next few years Scotland will need to work on ‘recovery’ due to BritNats’ devastating, catastropic Brexit and the English governments’ (Wee Willie’s masters in London) disgraceful tactics re Covid19 and their herd immunity leading to so many deaths.

    We will also all need a ‘recovery’ post May 6th election from the BritNats’ constant propaganda and SNP bad, and from their pathetic denial of an independence referendum.

    The BritNats’ unsuccessful attempts to overthrow the FM, and overthrow the SNP, will require some ‘recovery’ for Wee Willie, and he might be needing to look for a new job, hope so.


      1. James Mills
        If indeed some does employ poor Wee Willie
        Then we consider such as being
        A temporary State of Affairs


    1. I think you’re all being very cruel to poor Mr Rennie.

      And, after all, if they got rid of him, they might replace him with somebody effective…


  2. At the beginning of the Indyref in 2014 I was always going to vote yes but I wasn’t particularly bothered as I thought we had no chance of winning.
    However , that changed by the end of the campaign , largely due to the corruption of the MSM and their establishment handlers. My loathing of them knows no bounds.
    Your constant exposure of them is very welcome.

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  3. Its hard living in a country where your media all the newspapers all radio stations and all TV stations tell the same lies and dont report good news.
    They always report good news for england but never for Scotland.
    I find ways to get back at them little things i do to satisfy my own mind.
    I dont watch their TV or listen to their radio or buy their newspapers.
    I always refer to england with a small e i never refer to britain because they treat britain and england as the same thing , i just say always say england after all its england that controls westmibster and controls the money that Scotland Wales and NI get.
    I love what Mr Robertson does here on his website its punching a hole in the iron fence of englands propaganda war that sorrounds Scotland

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  4. Though the practice of anti-oppression discourse needs to avoid essentialism if it does not want to reproduce social oppression, that does not mean biological reality can be viewed through a post-modern lens. Biological difference matters to both health and political participation, so the Green need to seek professional help, IMHO. As do the SNP’s Equalities bods.

    Why cultural safety rather than cultural competency is required to achieve health equity: a literature review and recommended definition


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