95% want all indy politicians to respect each other

99% of TuS followers are clearly fed up with my twitter polls but the 279 who could be bothered are clear that they want an end to all inter-movement slagging off.

In response to the statement:

All pro-independence politicians must stop all and any attacks on each other, now!

Exactly 95% agreed or strongly agreed. Of the 279, only 7 disagreed and a further 7 strongly disagreed. I blame the parents!

7 thoughts on “95% want all indy politicians to respect each other

  1. I’m not slagging off the Greens without reason, as I’m trained to fight misogyny and cultural patriarchy. Which means my hostility towards British nationalism and genderwoowoo is grounded in critical theory, practice theory, developmental psychology, law and stuff. Such as a (rusty) knowledge of anti-oppression discourse. So I’m conscious that the influence of parents should never be overlooked, as childhood is where one picks up ones initial social grounding and beliefs. 😉

    The Hermeneutics of Frames and Framing: An Examination of the Media’s Construction of Reality


  2. When asked twice on Ch 4 News if he would back Nicola Sturgeon for FM, Alex Salmond didn’t give a positive answer.
    Nicola Sturgeon is fighting for her survival and 95% of TuS readers want her to be nice to Salm, no chance.

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    1. The poll should say all politicians purporting to be pro-independence
      for whatever reason in spite of their previous attempts to bring down other pro-independence politicians ahould now be immune from criticism for their prior treachery.

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    2. Absolutely Alex. I have insisted all along, get independence first, and then discuss the way forward. Would I vote for Alba? No chance, While I agree being abusive, or nasty, to any opposition party, or individual, will be counter-productive, I’ll be out on the streets shortly, campaigning for an S.N.P majority, which I sincerely hope will ensue.

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