Scotland vaccinating more than England again

Despite allocating resources to give the more vulnerable care home residents a second dose, NHS Scotland is now vaccinating more than England.

5.1% have had a second dose, in Scottish care homes while only 4% have had a second dose in England, some in care homes.

The death rate in the last 7 days is also lower in Scotland, at 6 per 100 000 as opposed to 8 per 100 000 in England.

4 thoughts on “Scotland vaccinating more than England again

  1. File under news that won’t be reported on Repressing Scotland.

    Must be al election coming—the BEEB have sent James Naughtie north to condescend to us.
    Just because you were born in Scotland all those decades ago, does not entitle you to parade your ignorance of the country now.

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  2. Man, it’s a very long time since I was trained to support good public health, largely through regard to the biopsychosocial model of health, phenomenology, bioethics, behavioural science, law and stuff. Even so, I think I’m still justified in my concerned over the future potential for justice in and for Scotland. That’s also why I have strong opinions on certain matters, and a strong desire for our self-government.

    Taking sociology seriously: a new approach to
    the bioethical problems of infectious disease


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