Scotland has one of the best education systems in the world

By Gordon

The mature students (20%+) are never included in the figures. There would be no attainment gap. 30% pupils from school. 20%+ mature students. Life long learning. People get another chance. 50% of the population have a university education. One of the highest in the world. One of the first countries to have tertiary education.

Scotland has one of the best education system in the world. 15 universities pop 5.5million. Ability to learn not ability to pay. Loans, grants and support. More for those of lower household incomes. Colleges and apprenticeships. Most pupils take advantage of these facilities and advantages. Tradespeople can earn a comfortable income. They are often hard to find.

Scotland would do far much better without Westminster interference and mismanagement of the economy. Westminster bad, poor decisions wasting Scotland’s revenues and resources.

Scottish invention and discovery has shaped the world. TV, radio, telecommunication. Led on to the internet because of Scotland’s good education system. It could be even better without Westminster appalling interference.

The ConDems cut £6Billion a year from education funding from 2015 to 2020. They were elected to support education. Clegg now making £Million as tax evading Facebook Europe representative.

Facebook illegally sold people’s personal details to illegal polling companies. Owed by Political activists. Cambridge Analytica and others. They broke the electoral rules, the Representation of the people’s Act and the data protection Act. They were fined.

The polling industry has been censored and fined many times. They swung the Brexit vote illegally. Pollsters are paid to manipulate and influence the results. The data and results can be suspect. Farague declared the Brexit vote was lost. The Hedge Funds made a killing on the stock market in the intervening hours.

Hedge Funds, Brexit supporters and donators, used the information to make money (£Billions) illegally, on the stock markets. The economy has/will lose £Billions because of Brexit. It is already happening.


14 thoughts on “Scotland has one of the best education systems in the world

  1. It’s more than a bit rich of the BBC to knock our educational system in light of Brexit, which will certainly undermine Scotland’s economic performance and the availability of employment prospects for school leavers. Especially given the Tories have targeted educational policy in England, in a manner that is a cause for concern for future inclusive policies that don’t glorify Britain’s colonial past. Still, that’s what the BBC in Scotland is there for, to gas-light Scotland.

    Click to access Mowat_JEP_2017_Closing_the_attainment_gap_a_realistic_proposition.pdf

    “….The paper argues that, rather than focussing narrowly upon attainment outcomes, an holistic approach should be adopted which takes account of the economic, social and relational constraints which impact upon families in poverty, calling for a systems-level approach. ‘Schools cannot go it alone’: there is a need to focus upon a wide range of public policy to redress inequalities in society.”


  2. Approx ie US 43% tertiary education college. 33% Batchelor degrees or higher,

    (1) Canada 56% Japan 50% Israel 49% Korea 46% Uk 45% US 43% Finland 43% Norway 43% Luxembourg 42%

    Scotland 50% . Pupils from school 30% 20%+ mature students. Life long learning. Plus colleges and apprenticeships. 98% of school pupils go on to further studies. 30% to university, 68% to college or apprenticeship. Nearly everyone goes on from school to other studies.

    One of the highest numbers in the world. Students can go on from college HND/HNC to university. 2nd year. Support for vulnerable students with additional needs. Assessment and support. Grants and additional aid. Better diagnosis. Teachers do need more support. Smaller class sizes would be a help. Councils (education) spend £millions on empty shops and offices. Concrete jungles. People want pedestrianisation. Instead of education and essential services.

    Average class sizes overall are 13. They are much higher nos in primary than secondary. 5/6 year secondary they are much small. Pupils leave at 16 to go to college or apprenticeship.

    The majority. Councils use the statuary limit 30 to keep class sizes bigger. Instead of lowering them. There are additional classroom assistants. Extra funding and support. for school in deprived areas. . Teachers are more highly educated/trained and get paid more than in other places.

    Additional support for those from foster care. Additional educational grants and support. Housing support and no council tax. Kinship payments to keep children within families. Cheaper and better. There are far less children in foster care or state care. The numbers are much lower and falling,

    There would be more support without Westminster poor, bad decisions. Wasting Scotland revenues and resources. Spending on redundant weaponry, illegal wars, tax evasion, financial fraud and wasteful projects. There would be even more support for education, SNHS and essential services. Westminster corruption holds Scotland back.

    Labour were means testing student loans and grants. Pupils in household of average earning could not get a full loan or support. They could not go to uni because of lack of full funding. On a scale of £21,000 to £42,000.

    The SNP Gov changed that quite recent. Now all students can get support for university/college. The numbers going from school could increase higher %. Ie less mature students more straight from school.

    Pupils could only got full support before over 25 years. Some pupils had to hold back from university before because of lack of full funding/support. That has changed. Students still have some of the lowest incomes in society. They often need household support. For a limited period. Relative poverty.

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  3. Before students with straight A’s could not go to uni because of lack full financial support, loans. Dependent on household income. Average income. Now they can that has changed. Quite recently. There could be a higher number of pupils going straight from school to university. Less mature students?

    Scotland has the highest number of universities (colleges) pro rata in the world. 15 universities. 5.5million pop. (Finland next?).

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  4. Plus EU students 15%. Even more overall average. Have be included in the figures. Where do they fit in? Mature students? Or separate numbers. Foreign students pay the full amount. Take in funding to the economy.

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  5. Fifty years ago only 10% of the pop went to university. 11+ exam
    Until the 70s? comprehensive education.

    After 60’s (pill) the population declined. Less children were born %. 1.9. Education places were expanded to accommodate mature students. Access courses. Late 1980’s.? Thatcher, Labour brought in student loans (pay back) instead of grants. Thatcher everyone got one. It had to be paid back. Then Labour means testing. Held some pupils back. Limited support or funding. Depending on (average) household income. Students stayed at home. Students had to wait until 25. Independence funding. That has changed in the last few years. (SNP policies). Ability to learn. Not ability to pay.

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  6. Look up the internet. Just google other information. 30% students go from school. 20/25% mature students. 15% EU students. Included in mature students nos?

    Great lists. Look it up. It takes a little research,

    Google students from school. Google mature students. Google EU students. Google top numbers at uni. Lists. Worldwide.

    If the EU students are separate. 15% Scotland has the best education system in the world. 30% from School, 20%+ mature students + 15% EU – (65%) + foreign students. Chinese etc. They pay the full amount.
    That is the highest nos in the world.

    Know people that did not get the full loan on Labour policies. Means tested. Students could not go to University not get full loan. Until 5 years ago? Policy changed (SNP) Students now get a full loan. Not dependent on household income. More students could go straight from school. These (recent) figures must be working through. It can depend on the birth rate. More pupils going straight from school. Or less. Lowering birth rate. More places for mature students etc. That is why mature students got access late 1980’s. The birth rate had fallen since 1960’s. There were places available. People were encouraged to go.

    Access course were made available. Like higher but provided by (part-time) uni study. Six month study each subject. A,B, or C for entry. Number of subjects. 2A +B. Or A+ 2B. Or C’s depending on Course of study. There are now open university courses on the internet. Or BMA? business Over 2 years. Lots of courses. Really flexible. HNC/HND they could be done PT while people worked. People know others that do them.

    People who could not from school (poorer) could get a second chance. I know people that went. It was a government policy, Thatcher – everyone got a loan. The system was changed to loan paid back. Before that people got none pay back grants. They could work in the holidays or get unemployment benefit. They also could get housing benefit in some cases.

    Mature students can get housing benefits/other benefits. If they qualify. It can benefit people with school children (women) to get new training and careers,


    1. Gordon
      And why ever should England ever benefit from all this through the slow but sure improvements to the Scottish Economy
      As they collect the resultant tax take and decide what to throw back our way
      Enough is F**cking Enough
      They are a parasite of the highest order


  7. Labour Blair took in loans and mean testing? They were more reasonable. Until the ConDems heist to put up loans payback in the south £9000. The ConDems cut Education £6Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. £30Billion. Budget. The Scottish Gov had to mitigate it.

    Clegg elected to protect student loans and education. Cut Education budget. Lied.

    Look it up.


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