No Willie, Independence would be a like ‘Brexit on The West Highland Line’

This is a popular but unexamined myth based on a simplistic idea that because Scotland has been in the Union for more than 300 years, leaving it must take longer and be more complex than leaving the EU. At first sight, the public can be persuaded. It’s ‘obvious, innit?’

But it’s not obvious at all and it’s more likely to be the opposite. Leaving the UK to join the EU which will, by then have a reasonably developed deal with the UK, means that Scotland would simply slip into the same arrangement, just like all the other EU nation. Simples?

Two years ago, Dr Kirsty Hughes, Director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations at Edinburgh University, wrote confidently:

But the extraordinary political turmoil in the UK, and the drivers of that turmoil, are highly unusual for a western democracy, so the perfect storm that is UK Brexit politics is rather unlikely to find a direct equivalent in the future Scottish politics of independence.

In quite a long piece, she justified the above claim with evidence, such as this on links with the EU:

As a new state, Scotland would also need to set up many new regulatory agencies. But it would be doing this in the context of joining the EU which would determine where it needed agencies, with what scope – and whether these were temporary or permanent depending how member state agencies interact with EU-level ones.

And on trade and other international relationships:

As a sovereign state, the UK already has its own foreign policy and embassies around the world. As a new state, Scotland would need to establish its foreign and security policy, defence resources, and its foreign policy networks. The UK, with Brexit, is facing major challenges to roll over or renegotiate existing trade (and other) relationships that it is currently in due to its EU membership. In contrast, on joining the EU, Scotland would be part of all those EU trade and other international agreements.

Yes, I know, I’ve just spent an hour or so responding the Lib Dems (c7%).

I’ll leave you with the full text:

9 thoughts on “No Willie, Independence would be a like ‘Brexit on The West Highland Line’

  1. The only and next Rocket to Mars should have Wonder Mouse Willie on it
    And way in the future maybe just a exploration team indeed may find conclusive proof that once upon a time their really was
    Life upon it,albeit in a much lower form


  2. Who votes for this person?

    Westminster has been taking monies out of Scotland for years and keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Scotland raises £66Billion in taxes. The UK raises £630Billion. Scotland raised more pro rata.

    Scotland has to pay for Trident, redundant weaponry. £1Billion. Hickory Point, HS2. Etc. All a total waste of monies. Paid for by Chinese funding. The Tory slush fund. Consultancies, banking fees and expenses. Total white elephants with no customer base. They will always be a drain on public finances with far better, cheaper alternatives.

    Scotland has to pay back loans on monies not borrowed or spent in Scotland. £3Billion Scotland cannot borrow to invest in the economy. £5Billion. It would pay for itself in growth. EU grants/CAP lost £2Billion. Tax avoidance cost £3Billion. It adds up to £13Billion++.The so called deficit. Westminster poor, bad management. Scotland could raised £80Billion the same as Norway if Independent.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion has cost Scotland dear. £Billions. Brexit will cost Scotland even more. Already £5Billion in exports have been lost. Brexit has not been fully implemented yet. The EU is suing Westminster for breaking the agreement signed in December.

    Thatcher took £Billions out of Scotland to fund London S/E. Tilbury
    Docks and Canary Wharf. Subsidising bankers who fund the Tory Party. Kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. The McCrone Report. Westminster ruined the Scottish economy, lied and kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act.

    Thatcher sermon on the mound. The Church of Scotland Assembly. ‘We the English people are generous to you Scots’? She was taking every thing out of the economy. Shutting down every production site. Away with £Billions.

    Poll tax, miners strike. High unemployment put people on to sickness benefit. Made people sick. Violence, protests and social disruption. Starving people. Interest rates 17%. Unemployment 20% NI. The Troubles. Scotland 15%. The only place it was under 10% was London S/E. The Tories had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe to aid the economy.

    Scotland would be much better off Independent and managing it’s own affairs and economy. Than the corruption of Westminster. Poor, bad decisions. Ruining the economy. Courts have to step in to stop the criminality at Westminster. The Tories breaking the Law at every opportunity. DUP are suing Westminster. Foster is suing Johnston. Former allies. The bungs another waste of monies. Johnston was Brexit lying again.

    The ConDems cutting funding for essential services £13Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. Education, NHS and welfare.. They had pledged to protect. Wasting it on white elephant Hickley Point and HS2 etc. Without a proper business case. Or a customer base. Much more expensive. They will always be subsidised with public funding, unnecessarily. Just more Tory poor, bad mismanagement.

    Brexit just another failure costing £Billions. Brexit lose and cost to Scotland will be £Billions. Nearest largest market, shared Defence. Grants & CAP. £Billions will be lost. Scotland voted for EU membership.
    The majority support it. Especially the young. People being deprived of opportunities. Britain will be back in. After the Tory mess and shambles are sorted out.

    The unionists killing people off. The totally mismanaged pandemic. Scotland has done far better. Far better under Devolution and will be far better Independent. Free of the corruption of Westminster holding Scotland back.

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  3. Of course, upon independence, Scotland could quickly join EFTA (with Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland) and regain free access to EU markets. Whether we rejoin the EU will be a matter for the Scottish people. We should also join the Nordic Council.

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  4. Friday Scotland is part of UK
    Monday morning Scotland is not part of UK

    Now that Scotland is an independent country which of all those things we want to do that England told us we were not being allowed to do shall we do first.

    I know

    Put a meter on all that gas and electricity we give them
    Take back control of all the whisky , fish , food produce etc that presently travels south make sure its counted and labelled as Scottish produce.
    Give England a time limit for removal of their nuclear weapons from Scotland close all their military bases in Scotland.
    Land reform.
    Introduce a Scottish passport

    Now , what about day two


    1. Better start planning it all now then, so we’re good to go.

      Also, so that people asking the questions before the next referendum find there are answers ready to hand. In an easily digestible form.


  5. The con,as always will be to try and convince a majority of Scots that it is better for Westminster to control Scotland than Scots.
    The question must be however,better for who?
    As part of that narrative,the cornerstone of the Westminster argument is fiscal transfers from England to Scotland.
    Not sure that many Scots still fall for that line but it will be part of project fear 2.0
    Fear is all they have to offer and this time,we must use that against them.
    The perception of the UK as a benevolent force for good has been completely undermined by Brexit and their shambolic handling of the Covid pandemic.
    Why should we stay in their union?
    That is the real question for the Willie Rennies to answer.


  6. Compared to Wuggie, ‘hyperbole’ is a very measured and responsible way of writing, ‘precious’ and ‘trivial’ are deep insights.


  7. Is the UK a ‘state? It’s in a state that’s for sure…isn’t Scotland already a nation? Whats’ the difference between a ‘state’ and a nation?
    It should be the united states of er…? Surely the UK is just a kingdom?


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