Herald reporting: Correct yet no use to anyone

From the Herald as part of their ‘quality, reliable journalism’ to help us all in this time of pandemic:

The NHS Louisa Jordan hospital is to shut by the end of March without having to treat a single coronavirus patient.

This is just a cheap rehash of an ill-informed Monica Lennon snipe from last year. The Health Secretary’s answer then, stands:

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10 thoughts on “Herald reporting: Correct yet no use to anyone

  1. To be fair to The Herald (bear with me!), their journalism CAN be relied upon, just not necessarily to be fair and totally accurate.

    Likewise on their quality. They ask for donations to MAINTAIN it. It’s not their fault if you assume their definition of quality isn’t the same as yours, now is it?

    Did they, by chance, compare the Louisa Jordan’s usage/performance with the – no doubt stellar – performance of the Nightingale Hospitals? (Apologies, I no longer have the patience to read their stuff and you already have…)


  2. Build an emergency facility, and then whine like a child when good practice renders it unnecessary for that purpose.
    Then omit the GOOD use it was repurposed for.

    “Journalism, but not as we know it, Mr Spock”!

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  3. No one should argue with the need to put an emergency hospital in operation when a Pandemic is spreading across the globe. I clearly remember the scenes from Italy and elsewhere as the construction /conversion was taking place.

    If I used the logic of some I would cancel my house and car insurance as I didn’t use them last year.

    Not having to fully use an emergency backup resource should be celebrated.
    Always remember – “What If…”

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    1. The important point is that the actual paid BritNat public servants at Holyrood
      have attempted to undermine the SNP for their ‘what if’ strategy, and the so called media do not report the truth about the lives saved in Scotland exactly because the SNP handled this so well. The alternative had the BritNats been at the helm over the past year, just does not bear thinking about, it would have been utter chaos, and many lives would have been unecessarily lost in Scotland.
      No BritNat England HQ’d party, must ever be allowed near the helm at Holyrood, they would destroy Scotland.

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      1. …and they didn’t hold UK gov to account when the Nightingale hospitals in England were ACTUALLY lying unused. Dueto lack of staff, if my memory is correct, another failing the UK Gov should have been held accountable for.


        1. Robert
          I cant but help to thinking of Hitlers last days
          Hiding away in his bunker as all was falling apart around him
          But more importantly the British State are only 1 step away from finding themselves in the same state as Adolf was at the end
          When he put all the blame firmly upon the German people for the soon to be final collapse
          Me thinks not long until Westminster starts blaming others and selected groups of the population
          All symptomatic as once powerful empires finally implode
          And to cap it all they are procuring more nuclear warheads with the threats that if you
          Hack one of their computers, then they shall lob
          Nukes your way
          How F**cking pathetic have they become
          Now marching into the final swamp of utter
          Madness and delusion
          Little do they realise how many strategic friends they are losing now
          As they sink into the morass of their own making
          Be very aware now that we are Governed by Madness in main brought about dellusion
          And real loss of economic and military power
          Increasing to 240 warheads equates to being able to unleash 2,400,400 × the explosive energy and power that befell Hiroshima
          And imply that they will attack any who they see as a threat no matter who,when, where and for little or no intelligible reason
          Thank F**k Joe Biden has the launch codes to
          Fire the missiles and in reality Boris cant push the button without the consent of Joe

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  4. To be fair to the Herald (and just typing those words makes me boak) they can be relied on to be no use to anyone.

    Not that I think for a second they actually intend to be of any use to anyone reading their churnalism.


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