More like Peaked Nasty Party: Tories down 5 points on 2020 peak

Just over a year year ago, after Davidson had resigned and with Jackson Carlaw as acting-leader, the Scottish Tories, had a run of four polls at 26%, their highest point since 2018

More recently, despite a wee fall in SNP support, with the combined leadership of Ross and Davidson, they’re averaging just over 21% and heading towards a further loss of members.

Go home and prepare for third-place.

12 thoughts on “More like Peaked Nasty Party: Tories down 5 points on 2020 peak

  1. John
    Rooth the Mooth has released her speech for conference and makes big that SNP passed peak and finished now
    She refers to the S.on S poll
    And the recent one with the regional skewed
    Balance to produce the answers they were looking for
    This explains with regards the poll you revealed a few days ago
    As no MSM went to town with it
    But now Rooth is
    Guess the headlines on MSM soon
    But they think they are pulling the pin on a grenade and tossing it our way
    How wrong they are because the YES side knows it is short fused and will go bang in the throwers hands

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  2. I thought R Davidson was only acting as tory leader in Holyrood i didnt realise she has retaken tory scotland leadership back fromDRoss but come to think of it this is just another wee trick the britnats have tried that has failed.
    R Davidson has a personality that puts people off voting for her but she is prepared more than any other to sell her country down the river westminster tories noted this and pretended to replace her with DRoss , they wanted a less harsh frontman but still wanted to retain the kick yer grannie aff the bus attitude of Davidson .
    In reality she never left , only in scottish politics is this possible and thats because england writes the rules of scottish politics and changes them and interprets them the way they want whenever they want.
    We are on to them

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    1. Terence
      When England passes legislation or a contract they always ensure no matter what if upon a 1000 page document or on the back of a fag packet
      That their is always a simple overriding clause
      With the words Ah But

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    2. The Baroness Colonel is a real hero of the ‘progressives in the England. The Guardian, Oberver, New Statesman, Prospect, Left Foot Forward all drool about her.


  3. The North Brit mejah dont care what the polls actually record, they only care about what Ruthie and her gang CLAIM they say.

    So anywhere between 20% and 23% is a STRONG showing for the Herod/Hootmon/Torygraf/Heil.
    And a STRONG showing for the Brit Nits is an existential CRISIS for pro-indy normal people.
    Hyperbolic exaggerated “journalism” doesnt make it true.

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  4. 3rd place perhaps, but none will be surprised when she replaces Alister Jackatory, with the ever obedient collie DRoss enthroned in HR and Doberman Bowie parked as Depute Governor General of the Northern provinces, what could possibly go wrong..

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  5. They are all over the place, it’s so confusing. Who’s who and what do they actually do.
    I don’t really care but their voters must be a bit perplexed, are they a Scottish party, who is their leader, lol, when is tank girl taking the ermine round her neck, is Dross still tripping on the line.
    Too many unanswered questions! Remember that one from 2014?


  6. According to the southern media Ruthie is the Second Coming . She singlehandedly , while with child and riding a water buffalo , defeated the evil Sturgeon by winning the last Holyrood election .
    She will , for a fee , turn water into wine ( Buckfast ) and lay hands on the sick and feeble and organise them into an Orange Parade to bring the message of love and tolerance to the Scottish people who have turned to the Dark Side ( not to be confused with Dark Money , which Ruthie does not talk about ).
    All hail , Baroness Ruthie !

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  7. 3rd rate losers. Killing people. ‘Conference’? In an empty room talking to themselves. Speaking for themselves.


  8. The SNP has more members than the UK Tory Party. No wonder. Tory Party average member male and over seventy. Breaking the Law at every opportunity.


  9. John, for some reason, I’m no longer getting anything from you. I have ‘re-subscribed but still nowt – help. Joe


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