Disgusting, Cowardly!

Police clash with women at vigil to remember Sarah Everard | News | The  Sunday Times
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Last Sunday, Glasgow police escorted thousands of mostly male, drunken football fans, breaking all Covid regulations, drinking and urinating in the streets, from Ibrox to George Square.

According to Glasgow Kelvin SNP MSP Sandra White, nurses at Glasgow Royal Infirmary had to take taxis home as the streets were not safe.

Tonight members of a far smaller group of peaceful women protestors who had gathered for a vigil in memory of a woman, allegedly murdered by a police officer, were manhandled, handcuffed and dragged away by police officers in London.

So, we see a horde of mostly drunken aggressive males enabled to hold the celebration of a football competition, with only a handful of the most extreme arrested, while a group of women are not allowed to hold a peaceful vigil for a tragic loss of life.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 13: A woman is arrested during a vigil for Sarah Everard on Clapham Common on March 13, 2021 in London, United Kingdom. Vigils are being held across the United Kingdom in memory of Sarah Everard. Yesterday, the Police confirmed that the remains of Ms Everard were found in a woodland area in Ashford, a week after she went missing as she walked home from visiting a friend in Clapham. Metropolitan Police Officer Wayne Couzens has been charged with her kidnap and murder. (Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)
Photo: Hollie Adams/Getty

It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the Glasgow police were either afraid of or sympathetic to the football fans and that the London police saw an opportunity to act tough with easy victims.

10 thoughts on “Disgusting, Cowardly!

  1. My opinion is that the police in Glasgow recognised that dealing with such a large number of people who had been drinking and were in high spirits would have been difficult even with a full complement of Police Officers, i think it was decided that there could be more danger confronting them on the open wide streets of central Glasgow than herding them to their destination and could very easily have turned nasty.
    They made the right decision.

    Yes the small group of women protesting in London were dealt with differently by the police in London, more aggressively, not in my opinion because they were female but because they were a smaller more manageable number.


    1. I agree about how the Glasgow police handled the Rangers mob.

      The women in London may have been more manageable. However from what I’ve been reading about the event, the Met cops are known for aggressive behaviour in such situations and seem to have handled it badly.

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  2. Not about to condone the Met’s heavy handed tactics, but the vigil was well warned off in advance, even if I didn’t agree with their reasoning.

    I take your point that the potential for aggressive reaction was less, but the Met are all about exerting authority, PS were about containing the damage.

    In this instance it’s not a good look for the Met with the chief suspect a policeman.

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    1. They handled it like thugs, these people don’t like it when one of their own is charged for a crime, they were taking their anger out on the women by the look of it. They should have entered into dialogue, instead by all accounts they created the disturbance, relishing elbowing people in the face, causing injury.
      No excuse, taxes are not there to pay for thugs in uniform to beat people up on the streets. Let’s see what else transpires, also could a small demo not have been poss with distancing etc…


    2. Had they been black, leftist, women or LGBT might they have been contained? Because they were right-wing British nationalists often larger white males with a propensity to violence they are not confronted?


      1. As a former police officer in Glasgow, I am at a loss to understand why Police Scotland, with all the intelligence that they must have had in advance of this “group disorder”, and that’s being polite, didn’t have a strategy in place to combat, and suppress, this blatant breach of law.
        I always felt that if you showed weakness when faced with events such as this, ie old firm games, the worst thing you could do was to backdown, and let mob-rule take over.
        From memory, there was between 600/700 officers on duty throughout the city when such matches took place, hopefully enough to contain any trouble that might ensue.
        I believe the current strength of the Glasgow Division is around 2,700/2,800, roughly the same as we had in my time, so why couldn’t the same number of officers on duty at Old Firm matches, be employed to at least contain this unlawful assembly?


      2. Well, there’s your answer! The silly women weren’t draped in Union Jacks…
        (For the avoidance of doubt /s)


    3. It was, indeed, warned off in advance. In Scotland there were pleas to find another way and wait till gatherings were possible.

      That said, it had been going on all day. Why did they wait until after dark to act?


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