Scottish Conservatives dying ‘of’ desperation?

Donald Cameron, Scottish Tories health spokesperson has reported Professor Leitch to the UK Statistics authority for saying:

‘Nobody died of Covid between the 17th of July and the 18th of August, 28 days after a positive Covid test.’

Cameron is, of course, hoping for a newsworthy victory along the lines of Jackson Carlaw’s in July 2020 when the statistics authority didn’t actually contradict the First Minister’s claim that infection rates were five times lower in Scotland but only that she had used figures not yet peer-reviewed.

At the end of July 2020, the ONS figures showed the infection rate in Scotland to be 2.2 per 1 million population and in England, 11.5 per 1 million. Five times higher, I think.

Cameron argues that Leitch should have used the data including cases ‘where doctors say Covid was a factor‘, then the Tories would have some deaths to blame the Scottish Government for and to deflect from the flood of deaths in England where they govern.

Leitch said ‘Nobody died of Covid.’ He’s correct. To say that someone died ‘of’ something, medics have to confirm that it caused the death. Being on the death certificate as a possible contributory factor, untested, means that you cannot, reasonably say they died ‘of’ it.

As for the Herald reporting this, it’s dying of complicititis.

10 thoughts on “Scottish Conservatives dying ‘of’ desperation?

  1. Yesterday evening these daily rags, a planet destroying waste of resources, were sat in big piles, waiting to be sent back for recycling. Scraping the bottom of the barrel these BritNat jobsworths.

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    1. Scotland’s “Daily Rags a planet wasting waste of resources”

      Well said AH.

      I saw McWhatterer interviewed late on Wednesday re: FM’s interrogation. . . . Turning into a Howard Hughs recluse, gave the impression of a person sadly loosing their grip on reality, considerring his recent columns, pehaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Very sad.

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  2. Oh my dear Donald
    You have my heartfelt sympathies that the barrel you scrape around the bottom in
    Appears to completely empty
    However i strongly suggest you begin to lick
    The sides of such empty barrel
    By far a great way to exercise your tongue
    As it needs training as how to wag properly
    And as for the fork in it to become more proficient
    But a final piece of advice in the extremely unlikely event you should converse with a Native N.American Indian
    Please be careful with use of the fork in your tongue as not doing so could lead to loss of your scalp


  3. There’s the influence of habitus again, which seeks to shape reality through the ego, by manufacturing narratives and political myths. Though I’m sure some of us will never forgive the Tories for their criminal negligence, when they initially let covid-19 rip through the community. At least I hope their crimes won’t be forgotten.

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  4. “Let the smears go high, let the smears go low,
    Every opinion poll is an awfa’ blow.
    The elections soon, so some crap we’ll throw,
    Donald whaur’s yer scruples”?

    “We’re no allowed tae criticize oor boss,
    Tell DRossy or Boris tae get on their horse,
    Wi them in charge, the elections lost.
    Donald whaur’s yer scruples”.

    “Now we’re no very big but we’re awfa sly,
    Facts and truth ye can say bye-bye,
    Sarah and the BEEB tells endless lies.
    Donald whaur’s yer scruples”?

    Apologies to Andy Stewart.

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  5. I strongly suspect Scotland’s last 6 Tory MPs and 30 MSPs have been instructed to turn the wick up on their attention seeking lanterns or see dire consequence, unfortunately the MSPs are a mite short of sufficient fuel or wick, or in Donald’s case, both.
    Pathetic really even for a Tory MSP, but with such as Turdo high up on the List where Donald got a slot, DRoss now insinuating himself above them, and May elections probably shedding Tory support like dandruff, Donald’s coat has gone from shoogly peg to floor decoration.
    Leitch’s response will likely be “Who ?”


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