Has Sturgeon caused SNP support to plummet insignificantly?

YouGov with fieldwork on the 3rd and 4th March, as the First Minister and the former First Minister were grilled at length on the TV, has reported a shocking collapse in SNP support, from 51% to 50% based on a cute but insignificant sample of 147 over-18 year-olds.

I blame her bare-faced integrity.

Support for the Scottish Conservatives also fell by 1% but but support for Labour plummeted by 4% in the wake of the appointment of new leader, Anas Sarwar.

Sarwar must be relieved as his boss also lost support to give Boris a 13 point lead, up from only 5 points on the 26th February. The vaccine rollout boost effect?

Also interesting, but only in Scotland, was a surge in the dinna kens from 9% to 16%, most of them in the Labour and Green groups.

13 thoughts on “Has Sturgeon caused SNP support to plummet insignificantly?

  1. People tend to have short memories
    And when this blows over and it will
    Despite the Unionists throwing as much
    Dirt as possible
    Nothing and very little of lasting importance
    Shall stick
    Then it is gloves of for us as the campaign
    Starting gun fired
    And by God we have one hell of a pile in the
    Ammo store
    Whilst the opposition will mainly be firing blanks
    As most of now wise to them

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  2. Given these figures am I too late to register a new Independence party?
    The IDK would potentially attract 9 – 16% of the vote, worth a good few seats on the list vote.
    SNP 1
    IDinnaeKen 2
    A winning combination.

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    1. Labour and the Tories are forming a coalition List party as well.
      They are to call it—“The Scooby-Free Party”!
      Wee Wullie is miffed he never got asked to join.


  3. I’m afraid integrity is not a word I associate with the FM, who appears to place her own personal agenda above a respect for the Common law. Which is evidenced by her failure to respond appropriately to Brexit, and her eagerness to support radical trans-activism.


      1. I’d love to reply properly but I don’t appear to be able to post. Though this attempt will establish if it links that are causing the problem..


  4. davidmccann24
    It appears to be links that are causing the problem.

    All Scots are agents of international law, which is grounded in Natural law principles. As is the Common law, which is the legal language of the British constitution. However, Westminster considers itself impervious and superior to external law, which means abiding by the traditions of English legal culture will prevent Scots from ever accessing our natural rights to liberty and self-determination. Parliamentary sovereignty is incompatible with Natural law principles, and impervious to natural rights reasoning.

    Gender-ideology is also incompatible with Natural law principles, as well as a legal respect for the human genome. Though this appears to be acceptable to the FM, who appears to publicly support the radical trans-activists in the party.


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