SNP Government accused on BBC of extending lockdown unnecessarily to time feelgood release for election gain

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Nanjiani and Graham in 2011

Former BBC producer and regular chum guest, June Graham’s musings on the pandemic, reek of confusion maybe dementia, paranoia and dark cynicism.

She is essentially accusing the Scottish cabinet of extending the lockdown, not to save lives but to be able to announce a return to normal at a time that will maximise the SNP vote in May.

Shereen only mutters ‘really?’ as if Graham’s suggestion is surprising but not, as it is, freaking nuts!

Listen if you can bear:

Nanjiani’s failure to deal with this is shameful.

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8 thoughts on “SNP Government accused on BBC of extending lockdown unnecessarily to time feelgood release for election gain

  1. Just because that is the way England’s Tories conduct themselves,don’t tar everyone else with the same brush.
    Haven’t heard very much from HM press about the blatant political approach taken by the Tories to the pandemic in order to prioritise Brexit.
    If you hang around the Westminster establishment for any lenght of time,it is inevitable that cynicism will dominate your thought processes and No,we are not all the same!

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    1. bringiton
      If you hang around Westminster for even a moment longer than necessary
      It could cost you not only your sanity
      But also your life all just as
      Guy Fawkes did


  2. Has this person any idea of how much organisation an election requires. Canvassing, printing, leafleting. Extending the lock down will inhibit the activities. Keeping the death and infection rates down are more important to the SNP Party.

    Where do they get these people? Organisation of candidates and the campaign had already started under lockdown conditions. Making it more extensive and comprehensive.

    Ignorance beyond belief. The nonsense BBC. Havering rubbish,

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  3. I cannot remember if it was Ms Graham or the other female guest, who had an outburst after Sergio Casci had spoken at length in support of the cautious approach to the easing of lockdown, about how we had duties towards society as a whole and how he was impressed with how the SG has managed the pandemic, citing the progress being made with vaccination.

    She exploded with anger, that it has been a shambles from beginning to end and that they (NHS Scotland) cannot make the most obvious decisions. This is all based on the fact that her mother (60/65 age group) is to have her vaccination next week, but that her father, who is cared for by her mother has not been vaccinated nor has he had a date. On the basis of this the entire NHS Scotland, the SG, the JCVI are condemned.

    I know that people who have family members who require care are anxious that they get as good a treatment as possible. However, they are seeking to get them moved up the queue and this means others will be moved down. The JCVI had a difficult and unenviable task in deciding the order in which they recommended that vaccinations should be carried out. However, I feel confident that they approached the task as objectively as possible and using sophisticated statistical modelling. They were attempting to devise a programme which would bring the greatest good to the greatest number of people.

    However, for the person on the Shereen programme, because the committee and the NHS had not vaccinated her father she subjected them to nasty abuse. I suspect that when Mr Casci made his speech and set out his ‘greatest good’ argument against the solipsistic one she recognised herself in what he was saying.

    I hope her father is vaccinated soon, but, in his turn.

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  4. Guy Fawkes against the King from Scotland. Tried to blow him up.

    Lucy Fraser will be pleased

    Guy Fawkes – Catholic against the Protestant King.James 1/6 Son of Mary Queen of Scotland? After Elizabeth.

    Guy Fawkes supported the Spanish fought with them. Wanted to restore a Catholic monarchy.


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