Scotland’s emergency departments much faster: Should they help England out?


In December 2020, only 72.1% of patients in NHS England were seen in 4 hours:

In the same period, in Scotland, 85.3% were seen in 4 hours.

I feel we should offer to help in some way. Persuade Jeanne Freeman to take over?


6 thoughts on “Scotland’s emergency departments much faster: Should they help England out?

  1. Yes, and not just help with the A&E. They need help with vaccinating people in care homes.

    alex thomson
    Dept of Health. The “eligible “ in English care homes means “ care homes with older residents and those not experiencing a covid outbreak”. So the 91% the UK Govt talks of is not 91% of those in elderly care homes. Likely to be considerably less given the pandemic.

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  2. Alas, Boris is at war with Oor Nikla over Scotland.
    Deep in the Downing Street Bunker, the latest casualty is “Lucky” Luke Graham, a Davidson ally and the lone Scot in the “Union Unit”, an agitprop outfit of fanatical Brit Nits.
    The Union Unit is now under a new regime of Anglo-Brexiteer Ultras who want the “love bombing” to stop and the real bombing to begin.
    “First the Krauts, then the Frogs, then the Sweaties”.

    Boris believes the ScotTories still have phantom regiments of Tory blue rinsers in the bens in the glens–no one has the courage to tell him that they are gone, all gone–replaced by flinty-eyed young “besom’s for indy”. At some point he will have to be told the truth, and support will be required to help him adjust to life in lonely Englandshire-on-Thames.

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  3. Hard to fathom why the BritNat media are not saying ‘Johnson could lose power over vaccine sham’, ”should spell the end”..and calling for the English (un)health secretary to ‘resign’. Weird that.

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