You take the high road and you’ll be in the cemetery before us?

Every MSM journalist’s favourite graph, showing Scotland behind the other nations, on vaccinating its population because it followed the JCVI guidance on preventing another ‘tsunami of death’ in its care homes.

The graph you won’t see:

The percentage vaccinated of those most at risk in the population, in care homes, based on statements to media by both health secretaries, in week beginning 18th January 2021.

3 thoughts on “You take the high road and you’ll be in the cemetery before us?

  1. “MSM journalist’s”.
    Alas for Scotland, they all work for colonial outlets.
    Few, or any, adhere to any recognised rules of journalism, certainly not ethical journalism as practiced in western liberal democracies..
    It would be a stretch to actually call most of them “journalists” at all!

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  2. Ah The power of applied maths
    Both correct but one blatantly wrong
    Over to you take a guess what is wrong
    No need to
    Tis the people who only deploy the 1st one that are guilty not wrong
    A crime that shall cost them dear upon Independence
    It is our civic duty to out and banish them from their corrupt evil so called informative
    Journalistic little coven
    By dispatch to the supermarket toilets and shelves to apply their capacity in order to earn a crust
    They are Pariah,s fully engaged by a corrupt
    collapsing former Imperial state


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