Opinium poll puts SNP up at 62% and Lib Dems sheepish at ZERO!

It’s only a sub-poll of 104, among a sequence putting support usually around 50%, but it’s the most recent and worth keeping in mind for subsequent polls as the Brexit disaster news emerges more fully.

Based on 104, 18+ adults on the 14th -15th January, with the Opinium results from 6/7 January and 16/17 December in brackets:

  • Con: 27% (31, 27)
  • Lab: 9% (13, 21)
  • Lib Dem: 0% (1, 3)
  • SNP: 62% (52, 43)

That’s only 3 sub-polls but there’s at least a bit of a trend there.

14 thoughts on “Opinium poll puts SNP up at 62% and Lib Dems sheepish at ZERO!

  1. I started an Opinium poll at the weekend but gave up when, at the end, it degenerated into offering a few double choice questions where both options were unacceptable. For example would you prefer to accept the current UK/EU arrangement or rejoin the EU but forget independence?

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  2. And yet, despite the risibility of Wuggie, because of the localisation of support, the Lib Dems are likely to be the second largest party in Scotland represented at Westminster.

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  3. Anyone have the latest info regarding the LibDem position on Europe?
    Their “strong support for the EU” appears to have evaporated.

    What is their position on Nuclear Weapons based on the Clyde? Do they still support Trident peplacement? Are they still going for the 3 sub option?

    Perhaps voters don’t know what they would be voting for if they voted LibDem.

    the only policy I can determine from the remaining LibDem dregs is a full commitment to the Union…I can only assume this is the full blown Brexit version since they avoid any discussion on the topic.

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    1. Julia
      There is nothing to discuss with these knaves and fools other than enquire as to where they wish to retire to from the fray
      They are a complete and utter irrelevance now
      A vote for The Stark Raving Mad Loony party
      Would be more useful
      Such a pity that A Guy Fawkes party does not exist
      As no doubt their intentions regards Westminster would be honest and commendable and many a honest and genuine vote they would canvas and receive


    1. Full polls tend to be at least 1 000
      Sub-polls for parts of UK tend to be much smaller so less statistically reliable.
      But if you get a run of sub-polls saying the same thing thenreliability is better eg 10 or more in a row putting the SNP at 50% ish.

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  4. It is a natural order of events as the field of decisive battles are about to become occupied by those that are not only most effective but serious and deadly
    Then the kid on pretenders soon run away
    And that is what we are witnessing with the demise of Brit.Nat.Liberal and London labour
    Their troops are turning and fleeing now
    Their are only 2 combatants in the coming
    Contest YES or NO
    and they are Independents or Unionist
    Their is no middle ground or neutrality any more.
    Stand or fall and they the Liberals and London Labour know what fate awaits
    Running away ensures that never shall they be able to return another day for this fight
    Quite simply those who run are the wise ones
    Who can then evolve into true Scottish and only Scottish parties in order to pursue their
    Ideals solely on a entirely different field and contest their corner
    Tis indeed a fool who fails to reckon such


  5. The Conservative party position on the nations of Europe, is out and out separatism. Nor do they want nasty foreign types coming here, unless they are extremely rich.

    The Labour party has now adopted the Tory position.
    NO to re-joining the EU.
    NO to nasty foreign types coming to old Blighty. “British jobs for British workers” usually working for non-British companies.

    Now the Dumbs have joined their Brit Nat separatist brethren in—-
    NO to re-joining the EU.
    “We are Global Brits.
    or—We are Great Global Brits,
    or—We are Global Great Brits.

    Norn Iron? Where are they?
    Out of Global Britain by the looks of it.
    When Scotland is gone, will they still be Global Brits? Great Global Brits?
    Great Global Brits without some bits?
    Would that make them Great Global *R******’s?

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  6. John id like to see 1 or 2 OPINIUM polls for Lib Dem Strong holds the North of Scotland + Orkney or Shetland if possible . Can we contact anyone in these areas to do a 100 poll . may help . i help admin a farming group on facebook ill ask a few folks see if we can get someone who will help out ..


  7. Aye that sheep knew the twisty lying Libdem needed taking down a peg or two.
    Wee Willie wasn’t even sitting on the fence either, which was what the Liberals sat in the middle of Tory and Labour, were known for many moons ago. When it comes to the Scottish parliament all of the BritNat parties work against the best interests of Scotland. They take a lucrative wage to do so, unsustainable.
    The people of Scotland see through it all now and that will become apparent at the ballot box in May.

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    1. “Aye that sheep knew the twisty lying Libdem needed taking down a peg or two” – Are you working for BBC in Scotchlandshire ?
      From the audio recording I distinctly heard “Daaaaaad, daaaaaad…”, now where is Chris Musson’s number….


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