Inverted Media Effect?

Despite a constant barrage of negative reports, the First Minister is approved of by a majority of almost every sub-set of the electorate you could imagine, in this Deltapoll poll on the 26th to 30th December 2020.


Putting everything else aside, for each of the following, do you think they are doing in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, very well, quite well, quite badly or very badly?

We see:

Spot the groups where a majority didn’t think she has done well?

Out of 22 groups, only Conservative EU leavers thought so and only by 48% to 44%.

How did Johnson do? Not so well. Only 10 of the 22 groups had a majority thinking Johnson did well.

Is this an example of an inverted media effect? The more the media criticise a politician, the more popular their target appears to become?

3 thoughts on “Inverted Media Effect?

  1. Fool me once etc etc.

    The media thinks the same stupid trick works every time.
    In Scotland the media have committed commercial suicide.

    The BBC that operate in Scotland are especially prone to underestimating “their” audience.
    Strip out journalism–play Muzak.
    Pay off those with critical faculties.
    Concentrate on “British” news.
    Report without context, perspective or relevance.
    Manage the news.
    Omit news of a pro independence nature.
    Big up Brit Nat “news” fed from the Hi Jack Bunker.
    Show/report Boris at least twice one cert Scottish news bulletin.
    Show Boris, on the news, between the news, making the news.
    Refer to Boris or Prime Minister.
    Refer to Sturgeon or “her”.
    Remember, Scotland is “them”, we are “us”!

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